Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Vacation and Exhausted

We are back from our trip up north, Nolan and I. Dave had to stay home and work (late) so we headed up to spend some time with Nolan's grandparents (my in-laws). I will openly confess I was a tad nervous for this trip... nervous Nolan would destroy their house, nervous that he'd be a brat, nervous that I'd feel uncomfortable with my in-laws without Dave, nervous I wouldn't be able to handle him all by myself, nervous he wouldn't sleep in the pack n play, etc. I was really stressed about this trip.

It was really wonderful. The 4 hour car ride went really well considering. Nolan did (mostly) really well in the car ride up. When we arrived there was a house full of people who wanted to see us (him) and then a beach full of admirers- if they weren't his admirer before he arrived, he sure charmed them while he was there. He made some lovely girl friends while on the beach and all the adults were amazed at how comfortable, too comfortable if you ask me, in the water. We have to forcefully keep his face out of the water now.

Back at the house he had many of his toys and found some new ones that he played with. He seemed to really enjoy mowing the futon and also the pet bird. He must have gotten picked up to look at the bird about 100 times. He spent some great time with Nana and Grampa as well as Auntie Barbara, Uncle Fred, Auntie Sus, Uncle Geoff and Cousin AJ. It was a really lovely trip and while it's nice to be back it was so nice to be there.


I'm so tired from this trip, I'm not sure why but I am utterly exhausted. Must be from all of that worrying I did before the trip! For no good reason too.

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