Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Your Average Vacation Day

On Sunday, Father's Day we joined up with Grampa, Nana, Auntie, Uncle Geoff and Baby AJ to go to the ZOO! Nolan had a great time and even meowed at the Cougar. We enjoyed some delicious food and some batting practice with Grampa and then were off to Scituate! Our days were simple- in the morning we'd walk to the lighthouse and walk around on the beach (staying as far from the water as the beach would allow).

Then we'd get in our beach gear and go to the other beach. This beach was the one that Nolan was, to put it lightly, was terrified of. But how cute does he look in his beach gear? He did much better when we kept his shoes on, I don't think he liked the feel of the sand in his toes (gets that from his mom). And I don't think he loved the enormity or waves of the ocean. Coupled with the fact the water was about 50 degrees and the kid was not loving the beach.

But after lots of coaxing and holding on tight and whining, we got him in the water. He stood dipping the watering can in it for about 20 minutes. Then a wave got him and he fell down. After that we just sat in the surf, yes, all of us, and splashed at the water and played with the sand.

Our afternoons consisted of a nice nap and discussions of which seafood restaurant to dine. Nolan surprisingly liked almost all of the food we offered him- especially the cod. He does know how to sign for 'fish' so when we kept offering him some fish for dinner he'd make the sign. Such a smaaat boy! He enjoyed some scallops too. He didn't love the fried clams and I offered him one bite of lobster and he spit it out. So I didn't offer him any more.... and ate the bite he rejected...

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