Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Baby

It's Hot today. Hot meaning a high of 97 and lots of humidity. Having the temperature be hot and humid with a baby is gross. It's not like hanging indoors in the air conditioning because he always wants to be outside. It's not like sitting and not moving so your clothes don't touch you because that will make you sweat even more. Nope, having a kid in the heat is the same as having a kid in the cool weather. He moves around, running often. He doesn't notice it's 1000 degrees. He just acts the same.

So after putting sunscreen on him and me I'm already sweating since I have to chase him around the house to get it all rubbed in (hint, close the door to a room so he can't run as far). Then he wants to climb on sweaty/sunscreen sticky me and hold my sweaty hand and play with my sweaty hair.

So today we set up the pool. This pool is double the size of last years pool (oops: I think we'll try to find a smaller pool too).

Even though it's hot and sticky, I wouldn't trade these days away for the world. Plus, since the pool is much bigger (6 feet around and 1 foot deep) I plan on swimming today too!

Or I can always fill the ice tub up with ice water to cool the kiddo off too.

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