Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Beginning of our Vacation

Our vacation started a bit earlier than our travels. On Friday I picked up a free playscape I found out someone was discarding ( When I went to go pick it up it was much larger than I originally thought. I brought it home and cleaned it and put it together. Nolan was trying to slide down the slide when it was in the driveway being cleaned, for sure he'd love it, right?He does. He totally loves it.
On Saturday a neighboring town had a Touch-A-Truck event which we thought would be fun to bring Nolan to since he loves his trucks. The kid was pretty scared and I'm not surprised. There were a lot of kids there, live music and lots of honking from all these giant trucks. There were diggers and bull dozers, police cars and fire truck (spraying water for kids to play in) and some mowers and tractors. It was a really great event, well done. Nolan is a bit young for it but I thought he might enjoy it. Maybe next year.

He DID enjoy playing with the balloon we got him though. This is actually the third balloon we got that day- one escaped the ribbon, one popped in Nolan's arms and this one came home with us. He played like a crazy guy with this balloon for a good amount of time.

What a great way to begin a vacation. And we didn't even 'go' anywhere yet.

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