Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New First

Nolan tried his first Popsicle this week. He seemed to enjoy it but I think the molds I have are a tad large for a kiddo his size. He ate about 1/4 of it before he was done. He did, however, carry it around until he found a good spot for him to park himself with it. I think he'll learn to love these things. I am going to look for smaller molds for him too. For when he's a pipsqueak.

oh, and don't mind that scratch on his nose, I'm pretty sure he doesn't realize he has it. I got him with one of my finger nails. oops. Sorry baby.

Oh and we're also trying to teach him the Gator chomp so when he sees an alligator (as on his shirt) that he makes the chomping motion. He loves it when I do it so hopefully that will be a new trick soon!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

It was such a treat having both my boys together and doing some really nice stuff. Going to parties and the beach, out to eat and for long walks, this week has been so incredibly wonderful it's such a bummer it has to end. It seems like ages since this vacation began. Somehow the beach does that to you, doesn't it?

I'd like to say a big thanks to both of these guys for a really wonderful week. Thank goodness this week is only a 4 (maybe even 3.5) day work week.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Beach Days

We did hit three of the beaches in town while we were on vacation. Here Nolan discovered his love for soccer balls and long handled shovels (now he ones one of each) and also discovered that not all trucks are riding toys after he commandeered one little boy's truck and as it was breaking Nolan fell off of it rolling into the sand. He was fascinated by the kid who was wake boarding.
And also my sunglasses. But he always has this expression on his face when the sunglasses are on, almost as though he needs to concentrate on keeping the glasses on his face.

After a few skinned knees, lots of fried fish and ice cream, this kiddo was thrilled to be home and back with his toys and stuff. That vacationing is fun but exhausting.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Your Average Vacation Day

On Sunday, Father's Day we joined up with Grampa, Nana, Auntie, Uncle Geoff and Baby AJ to go to the ZOO! Nolan had a great time and even meowed at the Cougar. We enjoyed some delicious food and some batting practice with Grampa and then were off to Scituate! Our days were simple- in the morning we'd walk to the lighthouse and walk around on the beach (staying as far from the water as the beach would allow).

Then we'd get in our beach gear and go to the other beach. This beach was the one that Nolan was, to put it lightly, was terrified of. But how cute does he look in his beach gear? He did much better when we kept his shoes on, I don't think he liked the feel of the sand in his toes (gets that from his mom). And I don't think he loved the enormity or waves of the ocean. Coupled with the fact the water was about 50 degrees and the kid was not loving the beach.

But after lots of coaxing and holding on tight and whining, we got him in the water. He stood dipping the watering can in it for about 20 minutes. Then a wave got him and he fell down. After that we just sat in the surf, yes, all of us, and splashed at the water and played with the sand.

Our afternoons consisted of a nice nap and discussions of which seafood restaurant to dine. Nolan surprisingly liked almost all of the food we offered him- especially the cod. He does know how to sign for 'fish' so when we kept offering him some fish for dinner he'd make the sign. Such a smaaat boy! He enjoyed some scallops too. He didn't love the fried clams and I offered him one bite of lobster and he spit it out. So I didn't offer him any more.... and ate the bite he rejected...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Beginning of our Vacation

Our vacation started a bit earlier than our travels. On Friday I picked up a free playscape I found out someone was discarding ( When I went to go pick it up it was much larger than I originally thought. I brought it home and cleaned it and put it together. Nolan was trying to slide down the slide when it was in the driveway being cleaned, for sure he'd love it, right?He does. He totally loves it.
On Saturday a neighboring town had a Touch-A-Truck event which we thought would be fun to bring Nolan to since he loves his trucks. The kid was pretty scared and I'm not surprised. There were a lot of kids there, live music and lots of honking from all these giant trucks. There were diggers and bull dozers, police cars and fire truck (spraying water for kids to play in) and some mowers and tractors. It was a really great event, well done. Nolan is a bit young for it but I thought he might enjoy it. Maybe next year.

He DID enjoy playing with the balloon we got him though. This is actually the third balloon we got that day- one escaped the ribbon, one popped in Nolan's arms and this one came home with us. He played like a crazy guy with this balloon for a good amount of time.

What a great way to begin a vacation. And we didn't even 'go' anywhere yet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Vacation and Tuckered Out

We've returned from our vacation but our 'staycation' continues with a concert tomorrow night at Foxwoods. We had a really great trip to Scituate and Nolan survived his first trip to the beach. After the sheer terror of being at the beach subsided and we could enjoy some beach time. But he wouldn't let us get too close to the waves too quickly. More photos to come.

I guess the beach really wore Nolan out. After a quick trip back to the hotel for a diaper and some wipes I came upon this scene. How precious is this? Nolan was just wiped out. After just 30 minutes of being at the beach! This was SO shocking to us, knowing this kid doesn't want to miss out on anything. He must have been really zonked.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Over the past 15 months I've come to appreciate the type of parents my parents are more and more than ever. Some of the thoughts that have gone through my head these past year or so have been mostly in awe of how my parents parented. And while me and my Dad's relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing, I'm coming to learn how amazing of a man he really is. Some of my favorite memories growing up were following my Dad around the house and yard, watching him do/fix/make/repair things. I loved being his little helper, knowing what the difference was between a Phillips and straight slot screwdriver and pretending to be his assistant. Some of my favorite childhood praises were how handy and helpful I was. My Dad once suggested I could become a carpenter I was so handy. It's funny because I have kept that memory/praise close to my heart. I love knowing I surprised him with a skill I didn't even know I had. And now, as a parent, I think about how time consuming it must have been to be doing work and managing a tag-a-long kid. I am in awe of my Dad and his patience for me. And I am forever thankful for him not shrugging me off because I cherish those memories.

I've always been amazed at the things my Dad has done/built/made for us. I often wonder if I'll ever obtain the saws and tools needed to build things with my own hands, just like my Dad. I hope I do. And when I do, I hope I have the patience with Nolan as my Dad did with me so that he might cherish the memories with me as I do with my Dad. Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's Nolan?

Where is Nolan? Can you see him? (Hint: he's in his new favorite spot)
THERE HE IS! I love the little feet sticking out from the cupboard doors. So cute.

Video Friday: Utensils

boo... website is having issues. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Climbing... and Falling

I wouldn't categorize Nolan as a climber but today I would say he started trying it out. As a matter of fact, this kid has had a tough day today, evidenced by his meltdown at noon and through lunch... He climbed into his stroller today... then fell out of it and banged his chin. He was walking and stumbled onto his knees and skinned his knee. Then he was just walking in the yard and walked, face first, right into the grill. He was very upset by this one and cut his face.

Maybe this should be his new mode of transportation since his legs and navigation seem to be failing him. And he looks awfully cute in there.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Guess who loves his new cup? Not only does he walk around chewing on the straw and drinking at his leisure
he has also created new sign language for cup- slurping as if he was drinking through a straw

Now we don't need to worry if he is dehydrated due to the heat

But he swam out of his bed this morning.... perhaps we should limit his new favorite thing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gun Show

Last week it was HOT. So how there was nothing we could do but show off these GUNS! Sleeveless shirts are hilarious on babies, especially since their deltoids are amazingly large.
Nolan didn't seem to get the humor of the sleeveless shirt but i sure did. And, the logo on this shirt says 'Big Guy' and is a baleen whale. So funny. Hats off to those who make funny kids clothes.

So this 'Big Guy' had a checkup yesterday and is 33.75 inches tall (99%) and 25lbs/9oz (65%). Tall and lean- he gained only one pound in 3 months.

He is such a 'Big Guy'

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time for a Haircut?

It's crazy to think about cutting his hair when he really doesn't have a lot but the back is growing like a little weed. It is so long in the back and when he's tired (generally when he's eating) he plays with it. He twirls his fingers in those long hairs making it smell like strawberries, olives and/or peanut butter. I don't love the idea of cutting his hair especially since it's so short and hardly existent on the top but the back little tail he has is really getting out of hand.

What do you think? Is it time to cut this hair or let him showcase the baby mullet for a few more months?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Baby

It's Hot today. Hot meaning a high of 97 and lots of humidity. Having the temperature be hot and humid with a baby is gross. It's not like hanging indoors in the air conditioning because he always wants to be outside. It's not like sitting and not moving so your clothes don't touch you because that will make you sweat even more. Nope, having a kid in the heat is the same as having a kid in the cool weather. He moves around, running often. He doesn't notice it's 1000 degrees. He just acts the same.

So after putting sunscreen on him and me I'm already sweating since I have to chase him around the house to get it all rubbed in (hint, close the door to a room so he can't run as far). Then he wants to climb on sweaty/sunscreen sticky me and hold my sweaty hand and play with my sweaty hair.

So today we set up the pool. This pool is double the size of last years pool (oops: I think we'll try to find a smaller pool too).

Even though it's hot and sticky, I wouldn't trade these days away for the world. Plus, since the pool is much bigger (6 feet around and 1 foot deep) I plan on swimming today too!

Or I can always fill the ice tub up with ice water to cool the kiddo off too.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Favorite Spot

Yep, this is my kid. He climbs into the most random spots and just sits there. I can't wait until he starts closing the doors and we start playing a panicky version of hide and seek. The funny part is, he really loves it in there. He loves the watering can and also that he can access my toiletry drawer from under the sink. Sometimes I can hear him fiddling around with the pipes just trying things out.

So when I get out from the shower and the doors are open I can assume he's either pretending to water the plants or sitting in there waiting for me to find him. Never mind the basket of toys he hardly plays with...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bring on the Vacations!

This weekend we went to a wedding out of state. The wedding was lovely, even more lovely when I got the text from the babysitter that Nolan was asleep in the pack n play at 6pm. I was thrilled because what this meant was we CAN go on an overnight vacation! We are willing to risk it and give it a try hoping that we are as successful as the babysitter (a stranger who had never met him before). So here's to hoping that his parents can do as good of a jobas she did and get him to sleep. We are heading to Scituate for a few days soon and then Nolan and I are planning a week long trip with Dave's parents in July (minus Dave) so long as the weather looks non-rainy. WHOO HOO!

Notice his shirt is a lobster on it? In honor of our upcoming trip to Scituate I wanted to post this. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rare Sight

It's a pretty rare sight these days but here you are... yep, that's my kiddo sleeping in his stroller. Last week was a toughie and this particular day he woke up at 4:44am. Yes, before 5. He stayed awake but in his bed until we got him at 6:30. Unfortunately so did I. And I didn't get to nap on our morning nap. What are you going to do? Let's hope that never happens again. Seriously, how cute is this guy?