Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video Friday Observed: Sleep N Play

Sorry I didn't have a video yesterday, you may notice most of the pictures we get of Nolan now he's confined- in a stroller, in his high chair or here, in his pack n play.


We are traveling to attend a wedding soon wanted to have Nolan 'practice' sleeping in the pack n play since our recent attempts of him sleeping in it have failed. Badly. So we thought we'd try to have him get used to sleeping in the pack n play at our house one or two times before we head to the hotel. This video is one of many I took of him getting acquainted to his temporary bed a few hours before bedtime.

When it was time he slept very well, fell asleep easily and slept later than he has been in his crib! What a delight, I was certain he wouldn't fall asleep and would screaming for hours. I think having a ceiling fan in the room helps. When I checked on him he was sleeping on his back! He rarely sleeps on his back these days. I'm guessing he was watching the fan and fell asleep. Too bad we can't bring a ceiling fan to the hotel...

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