Friday, May 6, 2011

Video Friday: Nolan meets Jello

Last week Nolan had croup. He was coughing like crazy and had a high fever and was just really not doing so well. I know how he feels because I had croup in high school. Yes, high school. It was awful. I remember feeling like someone poured Tabasco sauce down my throat so I tried to give Nolan some soft foods and understood when he didn't want to eat much. I totally understood.


For some reason, in my head, when someone is sick all rules are softened. You can get away with more. When I'm sick I soften all my rules, I eat what I feel like I need to rather than what I 'should' be eating. So when Nolan was sick last week I thought he deserved a 'treat' and made jello jigglers. This was his reaction.

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