Friday, May 27, 2011

Things Nolan is Into Right Now

I'm sorry but I don't have a video for you today. My apologies. But I thought I'd write a nice message about things Nolan is into. I haven't really talked a lot about what he's interested in

He LOVES birds. He watches them, points out each one anywhere. He can sign 'bird' and whenever he hears a bird chirp he starts signing. When he is eating meals he can see the telephone wires and often a bird is sitting up on it. He's too distracted to eat. He will sit at the sliding glass door watching and waiting for a bird to come by. When he does he will squeal or bang on the door. He just loves them so much.

He always ALWAYS wants to be outside. This is fun until you have two weeks of rain. It was a tough few weeks but he just loves being outdoors. When he's outside he's quite good about keeping his Boston Red Sox hat on, thank goodness. Just about EVERY SINGLE person we encounter comments on his hat.

He really loves to brush his teeth. At the end of dinner he sometimes points to the bathroom and puts his finger in his mouth making the brushing motion.

We taught him how to 'cheers' us and like teaching him the sign language for 'cracker' we regretted this decision almost immediately. He always wants us to cheers him. It doesn't matter if we just clinked glasses, he wants to do it again. That was, until we taught him how to sign 'cracker'. Now he wakes up asking for a cracker (I'm not kidding, in his crib he'll be signing 'cracker'

He puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket after we've changed him. He is so proud of himself for doing this.
He really loves buckling himself into things like his high chair or the stroller. He will hold one part and I'll hold the other part and we'll buckle him together. Sometimes this can take a long time but he's getting very good at the high chair buckle and can nearly do it on his own. I will not show him how to unbuckle. ever.

One of his favorite toys is the lint roller, you know the sticky round one? Yeah, he loves it. He loves to carry it around, pretend it is a hairbrush but especially LOVES getting delinted. He also loves when you brush him off, like if he has sand on his leg and you brush it off with your hand. Loves it.

He loves shoes. My shoes, his shoes, Dave's shoes, no matter. He has even been known to snuggle with my sneaker. He often chooses the silver shoes for me to wear. Unfortunately those are the most uncomfortable ones so they don't last long on my feet.

So all in all he is really a whole lot of fun right now. Dave and I are having a blast with him. Unfortunately too much fun to get any good videos of him.

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