Tuesday, May 24, 2011

something's up

I'm not sure what is going on with Mr. Nolan but something is up. He's not taking very good naps. And it stinks. This weekend the naps were short- 1.5 hours. Yesterday he took a 40 minute nap and today I thought he was not napping at all. But after 1 hour of crying and rocking and more crying and then giving in and putting the snuggle blanket in the bed with him, he's napping. I don't get it, the kiddo seems tired..

He pulled the kitchen towel off the counter and snuggled with it from his high chair after he was done eating. I know some kids don't want to sleep when they learn a new skill but I assumed those skills are physical ones, not talking.


If only he'd snuggle with ME when he was tired. Instead it's anything BUT me. I caught him snuggling with my sneaker this morning and at the library today he snuggled with a plastic banana and dinosaur. I don't get it.

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