Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can you find...

Nolan, can you find your nose? The OUTside... can you find the OUTside of your nose?

Yes, this is our baby. When you ask him where his nose is, he does this. Often. He's not digging around in there, just sticking his finger in. It's gross. And really funny.

It's even funnier (and grosser) is when he does it to you. Yes, a few nights ago I was putting him to bed, he snuggled in and then popped his head up and stuck his finger right up my nose. I swatted his hand away giggling. This only made him giggle and try again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until he's a drooling mess because he's laughing so hard and I can't breath because I'm laughing too hard. Yes, that's my baby.

ps- Dear Nolan, when you are older, if you are mortified that I've posted this picture I will remove this photo if you ask me to.


  1. Remove the photo??? Why on Earth??? This photo should proudly be displayed in your home - especially once the boy starts dating!

  2. we had to change the "where's your (name the body part)?" sequence with Ruby for the same reason - we used to do nose first, then mouth..... :-)