Saturday, May 21, 2011

Big News- Nolan's First Word

Yesterday Nolan said his first word- Dog. I have been waiting for him to start saying words that are clear and obvious enough to be deemed a word but it's tricky. Mr. Nolan will babble and ramble often saying MaMaMa or DaDaDa but when we point to one of us and ask 'who's that?' he doesn't say Mama or Dada. It seems too coincidental to deem the ramble his first word. He says DaDaDa a lot.

So yesterday when I asked him what was on his shirt, I expected him to pant which is how to say 'dog' in sign language and what he normally does when asked to say dog. But instead he said 'dog'. I asked him again and again and he pointed to his shirt and said the same sound -close enough to 'dog' to consider it a word. Throughout the day I continued to quiz him fearing I just made it up. But he kept making the sound. So I got out the camera and here's what I got.


Dave wasn't very excited about this video clip but when he saw Nolan in person and asked him to say the word he was impressed. I suppose the video alone just sounds like he's saying 'da' but over and over he says the same sound and points to his shirt. In this clip you also get to see him panting. I love that.

Now the 'I want a dog' campaign has begun. How long will it take for Dave to give in and get us one. The next word I'm working on is "please". So then he can put them together- Dog Please. :)

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  1. Had that child been in Australia, you know his first word would totally have been "wallaby".