Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Friday: Napping

So Mr. Nolan has given up his morning nap. It's so sad but true. I tried various tricks to get him to snuggle in and nap but none worked. When I gave him a stuffed toy to play with or snuggle up to he would be content until it ended up on the floor out of reach. The one that lasted the longest was when I gave him the snuggle blanket to snuggle with. I thought he was asleep (or tangled up in it so much he couldn't move/make sound) so I peeked in. This is what I saw. I'm sorry it's dark but, well, we turn the lights out when he naps. Try to adjust your screen to see it.


This morning when Dave went to get him Nolan was snuggled up with his changing pad cover. Since his changing pad on his dresser still had a cover on it we discovered he can reach the basket where we keep his extra sheets and changing pad cover. He must have reached into it sometime during the night/morning and grabbed something soft to snuggle.

ps- if you can't see what he's doing, he's taking the blanket and putting it over his head and then hitting his head with both hands. he does this over and over again.

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