Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I Love Right Now...

A sleeping baby

-Nolan sat and played with sticks for 30 minutes while I did some yard clean-up. While I'm not sure what the policy is for stick playing, I suspect it's not worth it to try to prevent it.
-When we went outside today Nolan walked over to the old man working in his yard to give him a leaf. Despite the language barrier, they both were happy about it.

-Not having to try on any more bathing suits (thanks Jenn!)

-Thinking I had nothing for lunch and then remembering I was sent home with some delicious chili leftovers from dinner last night (thank you Jenn and Ryan)

-Opening the windows

-Hiring the babysitter so I can get some time to myself this weekend. Bonus: I spent most of it at Starbucks and nearly finished my book! And now I will have the starbucks aroma on me all day

-That every time Nolan watches or points to the birds outside I think of my Grampa.
-A sleeping baby

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