Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Puppet Pal

Nolan LOVES puppets. When he was smaller and used the exersaucer he would laugh hysterically when the puppet came to life. At the library there are giant (keg) buckets full of puppets and often he'll take each one out and wait for me to make it come to life. For Christmas this year Margeaux gave Nolan a zebra puppet. He LOVES it.

He has begun to ask for help putting the puppet on his hand but can't figure out why it doesnt' come to life. So he'll stop and take hold of the lips with both hands and make them move (see first photo) but seems frustrated that he can't make them move when his hand is in the puppet.

He'll learn. But for now it's so cute to watch him put the puppet on and walk around the house laughing at his own hand. And I love being the magic maker.

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