Saturday, April 30, 2011

A new definition of 'under foot'

Nolan is a delight, we love him so much and are enjoying his personality so much. He is so curious and interested in everything and quite independent. That is, until we try to do something in the kitchen. He is not the child who will play while we can cook or prep dinner.

Nope, this guy won't let that happen. He'll wedge himself in between the the grownup and the cabinet and then pushes so we are forced to either step back from the sink, for example, or lean waaaayy forward to reach the sink allowing him to be the wedge in between.

He completely is underfoot. Or rather ON foot. Here he parked himself on my foot... he positioned himself clearly and then just sat on my shoe. He was so proud of and applauded himself once he got himself situated.

So I'm not really able to get things done that don't include him. Otherwise I get sat on...

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