Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Lumberjack

A few evenings ago we did some outdoor playing. I threw on a fleece that he got for Christmas and with his little blue jeans he looks a bit like Paul Bunyan but shorter and WAY cuter. He really loves being outside watching the New England wildlife- mostly birds and squirrels with the occasional bunny, chipmunk and the ducks that were swimming in our neighbors pool yesterday.

Also a favorite activity is picking up and holding sticks. The kid gets a stick or two in his hands and just holds onto them, sometimes lightly tapping them together or to the ground.

He also enjoys sitting on the bench located in the garden. Soon when the plants bloom I hope he doesn't tromp all over them as he does now. I try not to worry about it but funny how he really likes to stomp on the pretty purple ones...

All in all this kiddo is Nature Boy, he loves being outside and in the dirt. He's so 'boy'. I love it.

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  1. Based on the food killing and the stick holding, I cannot tell yet if he is a hunter or a gatherer.