Thursday, April 7, 2011

Learning to Share

Nolan is not a good sharer. Especially when one friend comes over to his house and plays with his toys. I know most kids are not sharers, they just grab things out of each others hands and then grab it back again. I completely understand that. Nolan has a few toys that he is ultra possessive of when friends come over. One of them is his push truck. He is big enough now that he can sit on it and push (read: stand up and try to walk with the toy under him - so funny). I think he's realized that it's a lot less effort to just sit on it.
Or when his friend Libby comes over, let her push him around. He sits on the truck and she pushes the back all through the room. But Nolan doesn't get up. He just sits on the truck and play with toys, just sort of claiming this truck is HIS.
So when Libby got impatient with Nolan's lack of sharing she improvised. While I was very concerned about his reaction I did not imagine this one... laughter. He thought this was very funny. I think he tried to shove her off but she did not give in. Then he noticed her hair which he enjoys playing with - perhaps with envy.
While he was ok sharing this toy in this manner, he was not ok with sharing the pretend remote control which resulted in an impressive sleep-deprived meltdown. I tried to use that example as a reason he should take a nap but he wouldn't listen. Men and their remotes...

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