Monday, April 11, 2011

Just want to stay in bed

Today was a really rough day. It is day one of a sudden cold for me and I have all the symptoms. Ugh. I couldn't call in sick or hire a substitute (although considered it). But I just wanted to stay in bed.Nolan has been doing this funny little game when we go in to get him from his crib. I love it, except when I'm trying to rush off somewhere. Even if he's standing up when I walk in, he falls back to the mattress and gets into the sleeping position (on his face and knees, bottom in the air, feet crossed under him and hands tucked under his belly). He stays like that for a few moments, then sometimes flails out and then bundles back into the sleeping position.

Just when you think he's finished with his charade and is standing smiling at you, you attempt to take him out of the crib and he just falls backward and lands on his bottom. Like 'ha ha, you can't get me'. It is so cute and funny, like he's a little teenager not wanting to get out of bed for school or something. Or like an adult who doesn't feel well...

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