Monday, April 18, 2011

Day One of the New Routine

Success. Since I don't take a long shower I knew that even if it went badly I'd still be able to get clean. But I was worried it'd be really annoying to have Nolan trying to climb into the shower. Today was a success. He woke up, had breakfast and we went for a walk, I came home, showered and was ready to go at 9:30. Awesome!

I got some 'bathroom only' toys. And he seems to like them. One is an Aquadoodle pad which I must confess I LOVE. At one point when I was showing him how it worked I didn't give him the pen back when he wanted it and he threw a fit. Then I realized it was HIS toy and he had the right to play with it when he wanted. (bad mommy). He also has a baby laptop which he likes to push the buttons. He also has a Little People carwash which he picked out (read: pointed and grunted to it on the shelf in the store until I gave it to him and then proceeded to play with it in the box while being pushed around the store). The carwash has a car (duh) and a doggie. Yeah. It's awesome. So we got a basket to put the toys in and a little rug for him to sit on which he totally didn't and he played until he realized he could push all the shampoos into the tub. Anyway, it was a success.
He has been able to sit and do things for several minutes. Sometimes he'll wander into his room and pull a bunch of books off the shelves (like these photos) and read the books. Other times, especially when we're outside he's been sitting in my lap seemingly staring off into outer space. I think he's hoping the birds will come closer, at any rate, sitting still is a nice treat.

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