Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Changes

For over a week now Nolan has opted out of his morning nap. He lays in his crib and chats away or complains or just stays quiet playing with his feet, hands, socks whatever. I think he needs this quiet time for now but I have begun to fear the next step... not even putting him in the crib. The biggest issue is ... how will I shower?

Other parents I've asked give their kids some toys and lock them in the bathroom while they shower. It's not ideal and sometimes the kids get wet but it works for them. But they don't have crazy-active-on-the-go babies like our angel. Their kids sit and play with toys.

So I've been thinking that Nolan needs a/some really cool bathroom only toys. Some that he looks forward to playing with but are reserved only for when Mom is showering. I've looked through his current toys and frankly I'm bored with most of them so I think a trip to Target is in our future.

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  1. Hmm, those kids who sit and play with their toys while their moms take nice long showers - that sounds kind of familiar ;-) Any luck with this one yet?