Saturday, April 30, 2011

A new definition of 'under foot'

Nolan is a delight, we love him so much and are enjoying his personality so much. He is so curious and interested in everything and quite independent. That is, until we try to do something in the kitchen. He is not the child who will play while we can cook or prep dinner.

Nope, this guy won't let that happen. He'll wedge himself in between the the grownup and the cabinet and then pushes so we are forced to either step back from the sink, for example, or lean waaaayy forward to reach the sink allowing him to be the wedge in between.

He completely is underfoot. Or rather ON foot. Here he parked himself on my foot... he positioned himself clearly and then just sat on my shoe. He was so proud of and applauded himself once he got himself situated.

So I'm not really able to get things done that don't include him. Otherwise I get sat on...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flying Nolan

Sometimes this guy just melts my heart. Like when he's giggling endlessly because we're tossing him in the air or tickling him.
When he reviewed these photos on the computer he saw these and then put both his hands up in the sky.

We are having so much fun right now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Lumberjack

A few evenings ago we did some outdoor playing. I threw on a fleece that he got for Christmas and with his little blue jeans he looks a bit like Paul Bunyan but shorter and WAY cuter. He really loves being outside watching the New England wildlife- mostly birds and squirrels with the occasional bunny, chipmunk and the ducks that were swimming in our neighbors pool yesterday.

Also a favorite activity is picking up and holding sticks. The kid gets a stick or two in his hands and just holds onto them, sometimes lightly tapping them together or to the ground.

He also enjoys sitting on the bench located in the garden. Soon when the plants bloom I hope he doesn't tromp all over them as he does now. I try not to worry about it but funny how he really likes to stomp on the pretty purple ones...

All in all this kiddo is Nature Boy, he loves being outside and in the dirt. He's so 'boy'. I love it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Family photos

Easter was nice, mostly because I finally had the camera out. It's been harder and harder to get photos of Nolan, when we take a picture he immediately wants to see the picture which makes for getting multiple shots a tad difficult. Ah, I never get bored of looking at photos of Nolan and his Dad. So precious. They are two little pals.

And Grampa couldn't get enough of Nolan which was fun, Grampa has several of Nolan's favorites: facial hair and glasses. And he gives ticklish kisses!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

What a wonderful day! We headed up to visit the family and Nolan spent some loving and gentle time with his little cousin, AJ. Surprisingly Nolan seemed to calm down and act like a peaceful gentle little boy around the baby. We had a lovely photo shoot too!

Here is Nolan again with his bunny ears. Man this kid loves the bunny ears.

Oh, and the Easter Bunny arrived at our house this morning. He left a big basket for Nolan of arts & crafts supplies. So fun!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nolan Cottontail

It's amazing how much happiness a set of bunny ears can bring. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


There are reasons we don't let Nolan eat and run. Because when he has his shoes on, he seems to be very interested in what stepping on the food will do. He also enjoys smushing food with his fingers before eating it. This often occurs when he is nearly finished with dinner. He'll smush his little finger into the food and watch it smush, then he'll eat the remains.

He's such a boy.

note: the blanket on his head- yeah, he'll just wander around the house trying to pile things on his head.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mittens in April

Aside from being 'Nature Boy' as he's regarded in our house, Nolan is also a clown. The past weeks he's been very interested in his mittens. He thinks they are so funny and loves when I put them on his hands. Of course he was not interested in them during the wintertime. The trouble with the mittens is that when he's finished with them being on his hands he can't quite get them off himself and freaks out that he's got hand covers on. This last time playing with the mittens was especially cute after he sat down almost indian style and then hid the mittens behind his back.

It's fun to watch him explore and to see what he's interested in each day. Some days it's something totally random - like his mittens.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day One of the New Routine

Success. Since I don't take a long shower I knew that even if it went badly I'd still be able to get clean. But I was worried it'd be really annoying to have Nolan trying to climb into the shower. Today was a success. He woke up, had breakfast and we went for a walk, I came home, showered and was ready to go at 9:30. Awesome!

I got some 'bathroom only' toys. And he seems to like them. One is an Aquadoodle pad which I must confess I LOVE. At one point when I was showing him how it worked I didn't give him the pen back when he wanted it and he threw a fit. Then I realized it was HIS toy and he had the right to play with it when he wanted. (bad mommy). He also has a baby laptop which he likes to push the buttons. He also has a Little People carwash which he picked out (read: pointed and grunted to it on the shelf in the store until I gave it to him and then proceeded to play with it in the box while being pushed around the store). The carwash has a car (duh) and a doggie. Yeah. It's awesome. So we got a basket to put the toys in and a little rug for him to sit on which he totally didn't and he played until he realized he could push all the shampoos into the tub. Anyway, it was a success.
He has been able to sit and do things for several minutes. Sometimes he'll wander into his room and pull a bunch of books off the shelves (like these photos) and read the books. Other times, especially when we're outside he's been sitting in my lap seemingly staring off into outer space. I think he's hoping the birds will come closer, at any rate, sitting still is a nice treat.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let Him Explore

After reading this article about how children learn I've been really trying to let Nolan explore his toys and play with them how he wants to play with them. He sure has been thinking out of the box.

Like with this chair- he's been flipping it over and trying to balance on the bottom of the chair.

With this pop-push toy, he's been trying to figure out how to tuck it under his chin and push with his chin.

And the music table- how he can bounce on it and ride it like the horsey at the playground. He sure has been exploring these toys in a way that I would not have imagined. I have already been proved wrong when he tried to put a block down the car ramp and I started to tell him it wouldn't work. It worked. It's not typical, but the block rolled down the ramp just like the cars do. Maybe I can learn something from him!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr Independent

Mr. Independent suddenly has lots of opinions and they are often not ones I agree with which ends with him yelling and waving his arms. It's similar to 'all done' which he has been using quite well. Perhaps he's trying to tell me he's 'all done' with listening to me.

I read somewhere that when you are saying no, to explain WHY you are saying no. Often times parents say no for just a reason that you don't want the kid touching your stuff or getting it messy or just because they never touched the object before. That's not really a good reason to say no-either move it so he can't touch it or get over it. So by explaining WHY you are saying no you are helping yourself determine if it is really a good time to be saying no and also it will help in the long run when child is able to understand your reasoning.

So today after Nolan tripped on the snuggle blanket he was carrying and his face smashed into the tile floor (surprisingly not resulting in a bloody nose) I deemed walking around with the blanket a 'no'. The kid was not having it. I wrestled the blanket from him and from under his feet and then started my reasoning. Then in the middle of my reasoning, with Nolan sitting and listening to me with a scowl on my face, I decided he could use the snuggle blanket but only on the carpet (so if he falls again he won't hurt himself as badly). Is that too complicated for a little guy? Should I just let him learn the lesson the hard way? In hindsight, I was just upset he almost hurt himself.

There have been more and more of these yelling fits. He just shouts 'ahhhh' and flails his arms. I don't love this phase and try to ignore it. It's frustration. I know it is because I want to do it when I get frustrated too. I see him do it when he's trying to push two toys and keep going in different directions. When he wants to go outside but I don't want to (because it's raining). When he wants to slam the door and I tell him 'no'. But when he does things that are not 'normal' (like turning his music table over and riding it like a bouncy toy) I just need to let him try it that way. I know he's learning but it's getting harder to remember that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Changes

For over a week now Nolan has opted out of his morning nap. He lays in his crib and chats away or complains or just stays quiet playing with his feet, hands, socks whatever. I think he needs this quiet time for now but I have begun to fear the next step... not even putting him in the crib. The biggest issue is ... how will I shower?

Other parents I've asked give their kids some toys and lock them in the bathroom while they shower. It's not ideal and sometimes the kids get wet but it works for them. But they don't have crazy-active-on-the-go babies like our angel. Their kids sit and play with toys.

So I've been thinking that Nolan needs a/some really cool bathroom only toys. Some that he looks forward to playing with but are reserved only for when Mom is showering. I've looked through his current toys and frankly I'm bored with most of them so I think a trip to Target is in our future.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just want to stay in bed

Today was a really rough day. It is day one of a sudden cold for me and I have all the symptoms. Ugh. I couldn't call in sick or hire a substitute (although considered it). But I just wanted to stay in bed.Nolan has been doing this funny little game when we go in to get him from his crib. I love it, except when I'm trying to rush off somewhere. Even if he's standing up when I walk in, he falls back to the mattress and gets into the sleeping position (on his face and knees, bottom in the air, feet crossed under him and hands tucked under his belly). He stays like that for a few moments, then sometimes flails out and then bundles back into the sleeping position.

Just when you think he's finished with his charade and is standing smiling at you, you attempt to take him out of the crib and he just falls backward and lands on his bottom. Like 'ha ha, you can't get me'. It is so cute and funny, like he's a little teenager not wanting to get out of bed for school or something. Or like an adult who doesn't feel well...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little Froggie

This week it rained. It was the first time Nolan got to wear his raincoat. And while it's been a dream of mine to get him a froggie rain coat (and froggie boots) I never imagined how much he'd love to be in the froggie coat. Seriously, how cute is he? (can I even say that?)
While I don't love the idea of getting wet and dirty, I can't wait for him to puddle jump- do kids really do that? I picture him being THAT kid who jumps in puddles and just makes a mess of the rain, despite the coat.
At least he'll look cute doing it!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I Love Right Now...

A sleeping baby

-Nolan sat and played with sticks for 30 minutes while I did some yard clean-up. While I'm not sure what the policy is for stick playing, I suspect it's not worth it to try to prevent it.
-When we went outside today Nolan walked over to the old man working in his yard to give him a leaf. Despite the language barrier, they both were happy about it.

-Not having to try on any more bathing suits (thanks Jenn!)

-Thinking I had nothing for lunch and then remembering I was sent home with some delicious chili leftovers from dinner last night (thank you Jenn and Ryan)

-Opening the windows

-Hiring the babysitter so I can get some time to myself this weekend. Bonus: I spent most of it at Starbucks and nearly finished my book! And now I will have the starbucks aroma on me all day

-That every time Nolan watches or points to the birds outside I think of my Grampa.
-A sleeping baby

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Learning to Share

Nolan is not a good sharer. Especially when one friend comes over to his house and plays with his toys. I know most kids are not sharers, they just grab things out of each others hands and then grab it back again. I completely understand that. Nolan has a few toys that he is ultra possessive of when friends come over. One of them is his push truck. He is big enough now that he can sit on it and push (read: stand up and try to walk with the toy under him - so funny). I think he's realized that it's a lot less effort to just sit on it.
Or when his friend Libby comes over, let her push him around. He sits on the truck and she pushes the back all through the room. But Nolan doesn't get up. He just sits on the truck and play with toys, just sort of claiming this truck is HIS.
So when Libby got impatient with Nolan's lack of sharing she improvised. While I was very concerned about his reaction I did not imagine this one... laughter. He thought this was very funny. I think he tried to shove her off but she did not give in. Then he noticed her hair which he enjoys playing with - perhaps with envy.
While he was ok sharing this toy in this manner, he was not ok with sharing the pretend remote control which resulted in an impressive sleep-deprived meltdown. I tried to use that example as a reason he should take a nap but he wouldn't listen. Men and their remotes...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Puppet Pal

Nolan LOVES puppets. When he was smaller and used the exersaucer he would laugh hysterically when the puppet came to life. At the library there are giant (keg) buckets full of puppets and often he'll take each one out and wait for me to make it come to life. For Christmas this year Margeaux gave Nolan a zebra puppet. He LOVES it.

He has begun to ask for help putting the puppet on his hand but can't figure out why it doesnt' come to life. So he'll stop and take hold of the lips with both hands and make them move (see first photo) but seems frustrated that he can't make them move when his hand is in the puppet.

He'll learn. But for now it's so cute to watch him put the puppet on and walk around the house laughing at his own hand. And I love being the magic maker.