Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What routine?

So there has been a lot going on. With people on trips (me to Austin and Gramma to here) and teeth (Nolan got a molar and seems to be getting another) and days off (Dad took his birthday off) and illness (ear infections and nasty coughs) in addition to a general feeling like routine is changing, it's about that age, our routine is a big question mark now.
I am so happy Nolan sleeps a lot/well. He's a great sleeper after we feed him, give him a bottle and put him in his crib. He is not a great sleeper if he seems tired and we try to read books, rock him and put him in the crib. He is not a great sleeper on the go- probably because we don't really go far enough. He is definitely not a sleep-in-my-arms kind of guy. This guy does naps the way I would- full belly, warm room, comfy bed.
With turning one, many things change in addition to routine. We're supposed to eliminate a bottle. WHAT? How am I supposed to get my kid to nap without the bottle? I'm scared. This is also the time they generally move from two naps a day to one nap a day (our doc says around 15 months)- well, duh, you're taking away their nap-appetizer... the bottle!

I confess, too, that with his crazy nap skipping, I've let up on my end of the routine responsibility- I've cancelled plans, skipped classes etc, to let him sleep 'in' from his morning nap but really all that does is cancel his afternoon nap most of the time. So we're back to trying to figure out what our routine is. Generally I think I know it but there are some days he's sleeping 4.5 hours between morning and afternoon. There are some days he sleeps 0 hours. I know a lot of moms with kids Nolan's age and we are all in the same boat- teeth, illness, naps, routine- who knows?

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