Sunday, March 27, 2011

What A Day!

Wow, what a day. What a weekend, really. We did SO much and yet it didn't feel exceptionally busy. I guess that's what happens when you actually DO the things you talk about doing. So we went North and met cousin AJ or Alexander (what a great name, huh?) He is precious, very small and so still. It's hard to imagine Nolan was ever that still. Or small.Isn't this picture of Nolan and his Grampa just the most precious little moment captured? Nolan's little expression shouts- I'm an angel... We also got some more babyproofing done which makes me feel better. I ordered some items that I've thought about ordering, I've (mentally) organized the Square Foot Garden and realized I haven't completely neglected its pre-spring tasks.

I finally feel like I have a handle on many of the things I wanted to get done. We did some housework, we collected some more pruned shrubbery from last fall that got snowed on, I signed up for some exercise classes, we tore apart and put back together our bathtub. And our small man slept in today... until 8am! He took one nap and seemed to be for the most part well rested. I'm not sure if this phenomenon will ever happen again but it was absolutely lovely while it did happen.

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