Friday, March 18, 2011

Video Friday: the first days of perfection

Yesterday something happened- perfection. It was that day where everything lines up to be perfect and the day just passes with such sweetness and joy. It was that day parents dream of- great sleeping, great eating, lots of outdoor time and playing.

It started out with a decent meal and a good nap. We didn't have anything to do in the morning but I woke him at 10, after 1.5 hours of good napping. Then we took a walk. Nolan walked too. He held my hand and we walked up the street a few houses where he chatted with some neighbors about yard maintenence, he examined the shrub the neighbor was discussing and then played with his shadow. He walked home, we played a little bit more, listened to some songs and read books, had a great lunch and fast to nap. I woke him again because it was Thursday and we have plans with his friends on Thursday afternoons. (this has been the first week in ages people have been able to get together because of illness, nap schedules, etc). We met at the playground where Nolan toddled around like the big kids, went down slides, climbed up the slides and went back down them again. We climbed over the playscapes and walked on bridges. Aside from when I put him in the swing which he no longer enjoys, the day was filled with big smiles and lots of walking. We stayed there for 2 whole hours, came home for a late snack, dinner and bedtime. What a really great day. Seriously, these were the days I imagined when we decided I'd be a full-time mom.

When I saw Nolan doing this I had no idea what he was doing. When we got to the playground and he climbed up the slide I realized he was practicing. He enjoys the slide, I think mostly going down feet first on his belly. What a goof!


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  1. Every mom is a full-time mom. I think the phrase you are looking for is a 'stay-at-home mom.'