Saturday, March 26, 2011

Road Trip

We're off to meet Baby Cousin AJ today! None of us have runny noses, the excessive drooling has tapered off to a slow trickle and we are heading off on a road trip North. We'll be back this afternoon but it's a scheduling jigsaw puzzle to make this trip work well. I'm sure Nolan will be great but with his erratic napping one never really knows.
He has, however, been eating quite well. Perhaps it's because he mostly eats finger food so if he doesn't want to eat anything in particular he just either drops it daintily (the only dainty thing this kid does) or flings it over the side of his tray. Although he is also forming opinions and has a lot more awareness so we need to hide the bucket of cheerios or puffs because if he sees them he points and does a very enthusiastic sign for 'more please'. Very enthusiastic.

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