Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now Entering Tantrumville

Nolan has begun to have little tantrums. They began with frustration when he couldn't get a toy to 'work' or the square block to fit into the round hole. Understandably that can be frustrating and might result in some arm flailing and whining. But those were the little tantrums. The understandable ones. The ones that were over quickly. We are soon moving into the world where mountains are being made out of molehills.
Where if we don't pick the right book the world might end. Where he has opinions and we may not agree with those opinions- like his desire to bang on the fish tank. Sure, it's fake and it won't hurt the fish but it's a rule.

Until today it seemed like it was just a joke, he'd get up after a little whimper and head down and do a big smile. Today was the first day he was miserable about whatever the molehill was in the first place.

Most of it I don't mind but I really dislike when he throws the book I have chosen to read to him across the room. It makes me regret all the encouragement we did when he threw balls.

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