Saturday, March 12, 2011


Several years ago Dave and I went to the St Paddy's Day parade in Hartford for the first time... I feel as though it would be an injustice to our memories if I didn't elaborate but because this is a family blog I hesitate... but here goes. Dave and I got drunk. Really drunk. Really Really drunk. So drunk that someone suggested that we were the drunkest people at the parade. THAT drunk. If you've every been to the parade and hung out near the end of the route near Pigs Eye Pub you know that declaration is a serious testament to our drinking abilities.

So when Dave suggested we go this year I HAD to giggle. So did he. It brings so many funny memories. At one point we tried to call for a cab home (we were smart and responsible, see) except Dave didn't know where we were. Well, you know what? That memory won't play out as funny as it was in the written word. Ok, back to today.

So today, we headed to the parade. We were fearful Nolan would be scared of the loudness of it- sirens and bagpipes and horns etc. But this kid was a champ. It helped that we were positioned immediately across the street from some smart parents who brought a bubble machine (note to self). He really loved the dogs (Irish Setters) and the firetrucks which surprised me because firetrucks have scared him in the past. He seemed to have a really great time and I hope to make this a tradition of ours.

Notice his leprechaun hat he didn't know he had on the top of his head. I'm so sneaky.

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