Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is Nolan's First Birthday. It's amazing that this little boy lived in my body. That he is a part of me and Dave. That he grows more every day with understanding and personality. He has brighten my life in ways I could have never imagined.

To celebrate, Dave took the day off and we went to Mystic Aquarium since he loves the fake fishtank so much. When he saw the first fish tank at the aquarium he looked stunned. The photo is actually a little scary his eyes are popping out of his head. He was blown away! After he got used to all the fish he pointed and made lots of grunting sounds. To put it simply, he LOVED it. He loved the colored fish and the sting rays and the lion fish.
We decided to go to the Sea Lion show and were worried if he'd sit through it or be bored. He was totally captivated by the sea lions, he wasn't scared of the sounds they made, he watched intently and even got into it when the crowd was clapping.
After the show we went back to look at the fish more and Nolan was amazed once again. He was in heaven. Then we went to check out the penguins. While most of them were huddled in the back not near any guests we tried to watch the few that were swimming around in the underwater viewing area. Nolan was mostly interested in the drain on the floor. Too bad because penguins are cute. So we went to the top and watched them from afar. Turns out Nolan thought they were HILARIOUS. He just kept laughing- like scrunching up his nose and laughing like I expected to hear snorts. He just thought they were so funny.
With his new penguin toy (and book) in tow we headed home. When we got home we took Nolan for a bike ride on his new wheels which he also thought was absolutely awesome.

Not bad for a little guy. Not bad. What an amazing year this has been. It's hard to imagine what my life was like before this guy. Tonight I feel like my whole body is hugging my heart- I am so happy.

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