Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Birthday Party

After a week of madness, skipped naps, visitors, ear infections and waking up super early, Nolan enjoyed his first birthday party. It was a low-key Elmo themed party. Nolan really loves Elmo, especially the balloons.
We got him a bike for his birthday. It's a really cool bike that transitions into a tricycle but for the time being has a 5-point harness and pusher/steerer for the grown-ups. The sun shade is a little much but the rest of it is pretty cool! Nolan wanted Grampa to get in so Nolan could push Grampa around but we didn't think Grampa would fit. Nolan loved pushing the bike around but seemed to really love riding in it. (photos of that later)
He was showered with many other awesome gifts. Then there was cake. I made a smush cake for him, one he could dig in all on his own. It was my attempt to decorate a cake to look like Elmo and he really loved looking at it. When he finally had the chance to touch it like he had been longing for he just dipped a few fingers in. After a while he finally made an adequate mess. But I thought he'd EAT a lot more. He did more touching.
Shortly after this photo below he was stripped down and tossed into the tub (gently). It was a really great party and he was a charmer.

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