Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catch Up and Random Photos

Gramma left today and Nolan will probably fall into a depression without her. They had SO much fun together. So did his cousins. Here are some more photos of them playing together and, of course, the bike. And here is Nolan just being a clown.
But here is the biggie. Here is Nolan having his first sippy cup of milk. Whole milk. Whole milk from Whole Foods. Yep, this kid enjoyed it as though he was drinking this stuff his whole life. He has been eating like a champ which has been really fun- Ham, cheesy potatoes, quesadillas, egg strata, etc. And today at Whole Foods I took a sample of the Cajun Stuffed Pepper filling that Nolan dramatically wanted to taste it so I gave him a bite (with the child sized serving spoon) and he LOVED it and ate my whole sample. I also signed him up for the Kids Club and he got a clementine as a snack today! But if we went tomorrow (his birthday) he would have gotten a free cupcake. Looks like I'll be dragging the kid back there tomorrow. :) Mama needs a cupcake.

Today we also got Nolan his first pair of walking shoes. Since he is becoming more and more a walker every day I thought we should get him some real shoes. How exciting!

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