Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Pal

Nolan seems to have a new best pal. While he hugs and squeezes many of his soft friends, he seems to really like the penguin the best. Many of his classmates bring their stuffed pals to class and Nolan almost always crawls over and tries to take them out of the other kid's hands or just hugs and bites the other kid's stuffed friend's nose.
So today I brought penguin with us to the library and Nolan clutched him with such enthusiasm. When another little baby came over to snuggle with penguin Nolan was not quite willing to share penguin.
Today at class another Mom said "Your son is so calm, I wish mine would sit still like he is." I laughed at her and so did many other mom's in the class who have had class with Nolan and watched me chase him around trying to get him to pay attention or just sit still. Maybe I should suggest she bring a stuffed friend to class next week, perhaps that made a difference?

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