Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby-proofing, Teething, Ice Cream and Toothbrushes

This was a busy weekend. FUN but busy. Dave and I went out Friday night and I went out with some friends Saturday night. During the day we did some great walking, playing and getting stuff done. Mainly, we stepped up our efforts to baby proof the house which is a struggle since this house was built with child safety NOT in mind. The spindles on the banisters are too wide, the banisters are slightly wobbly making gate installation and fit a challenge. There are railings where you'd need to install a gate- it's just a big question mark to us. BUT, while it might not look great, we have configured some solutions to our problems which makes me happy. Our little guy is getting some teeth. The big mean molars. And they hurt. He is constantly chewing on his hands, he's having trouble sleeping sometimes and he had an elevated temperature this weekend. He won't let us get in and feel around which means it really must hurt AND he is actually using the teether things that go in the freezer. I think he got his second one this weekend but until I get my finger in there for sure we won't know.
So since Nolan was too upset to nap on Sunday afternoon we brought him to get some ice cream. I know this is not the best parenting I have done but I read about the glorious look on a childs face after trying ice cream for the first time and with an aching mouth I thought this would be perfect timing... he seemed to care less. I think he likes the greek yogurt better. Shrug. Ok. No biggie.

We also let him sit on the couch and watch some basketball. He clearly wanted to watch something else and kept changing the channel. But this weekend was a basketball weekend and he was just happy to have the remote in hand. Doesn't he look so funny all lounged out in his sweatpants with is big belly on the couch? So funny.

And we got Nolan his first big boy toothbrush (Cookie Monster)and toothpaste (Thomas the Train). Everything has a brand on it, doesn't it. Surprisingly he seems to enjoy this sensation. Now only if those mean chompers will come out and leave my poor little boy alone.
(I just love the photos of him playing with his shadow)

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  1. Cute pics - sounds like it was a fun weekend!