Friday, February 4, 2011

Video Friday: Taggie Hat

During our snow days it has been fun to just be 'in' and not running out to classes etc (somewhat) because I get to watch Nolan play and explore. Sometimes it's really not interesting, like when he watched the blinking dots (:) that indicate seconds on our digital clock... for three full minutes. And sometimes he just wants to crawl around putting everything in his mouth. Sometimes he can 'read' books for long periods- just flipping through them from start to finish and then going back to his favorite pages. Lately he's been throwing his balls and chasing them and most recently (and most amusing) is him putting things on his head.

What he keeps looking at is his reflection in the glass of our tv table. This video is so cute because he worked SO hard to get this on his head. You don't see the 10 minutes or so that he'd already been doing this or the 60 seconds immediately before this clip of him attempting to but failing at getting it on his head.


AUTHOR NOTE: I don't know why the video isn't working but I'm disappointed to not post the video- it is really cute and I've been thinking about this post since Monday!

UPDATE: You can view the video by going to this youtube link... sorry for the inconvenience:

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