Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nolan's Snow Day

Yesterday we stayed in. It was a snow day and the whole family was home. That means we brew a big pot of coffee and hang out in our fleece pants. Our little guy thought he needed some coffee (he doesn't) and he looks so cute drinking from the big coffee mug. I wish it still had the Starbucks Logo on it, I would send it to them as a 'start 'em early' campaign. I guess Nolan was feeling like his morning drink motivated him to do some sun salutations to start the day. So he rolled out the mat, touched every single leave on the mat, crawled back and forth on the mat like an angry tiger and then began his yoga practice.
This is a very advanced move called downward baby corkscrew. I bet his arms and shoulders will be sore today after holding this move.

So after some coffee and yoga, our little friend slept great yesterday. Maybe the kid needs more zen in his morning.

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