Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love Thursdays

I love Thursdays. Actually, I love Wednesdays too. Wednesday we go to a music class which is really fun and I LOVE that it's on Wednesday. It's the middle of the week and I love it and I think Nolan likes it. But Thursdays are really awesome. We don't have any set plans in the morning and in the afternoons we get together with a group of moms and their children that I've met from all different parts of my parenting-world.They all have babies about Nolan's age and it's so fun to see them develop and it is a wonderful resource for your baby questions. It's also awesome because we all know some days are good and other days are tough. We can tell by looking at each other who needs an extra hand with their kid. They understand that sometimes plans fall through, sometimes naps take precedent and sometimes it's time to eat. It seems like it's always time for someone to eat. It's also a wonderful group of women. I feel especially lucky to know each one of them.
Every Thursday we have plans to get together and do something- either play at someone's house or go somewhere. I love that it's our Thursday activity. I love that it's on Thursday. Because after we've come home and sorted out dinner and whatever else we have to, then it's FRIDAY! And Friday feels really close to the weekend when Dave is home and I get to watch Nolan and Dave be together again- one of my favorite things about the weekend. Until the weekend, I'll just continue to try to amuse Nolan. This week it seems to be my mouth and pickles. Yep, this kid ate not only my pickle at lunch but someone else's too! He had a very Mediterranean lunch- crackers, pickles, olives, cheese and carrots. Well, and O's. Lots of O's.

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