Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Growing up

This week has been strange already. Oh, it's only Tuesday? Darn. Nolan has begun to have tantrums- leg kicking, head flailing tantrums. And while I find them somewhat humorous I'm also not sure what I should be doing as a parent. so I just watch. Oh and he suddenly has opinions- like which book he wants to read- god forbid you take the wrong book off the shelf that he's pointing to and he'll be sure to let you know. And while he's still very very active, he's also become quite determined to do things- like read books or put an object in another object, put things on his head or play with a toy. During the determination phase he acts as though no one else is nearby, he's so focused on the task. It's fun showing him how things work or watching him try to do it or figure it out but can be exhausting...
sometimes he'll just lay down on the floor for 2-3 seconds and then bounce back up again for more playing. So at least there is a little bit of downtime. I look forward to the days when I can do something while he is playing. I see a glimpse of that and it's exciting.
He hasn't taken any more steps since Saturday...

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