Friday, January 21, 2011

Video Friday: Playing on the Slide

Yesterday Nolan and I went to KidCity, a museum for kids ages 1-7. I heard it was a cool thing for kids about Nolan's age. There is an entire room for kids under 3 where no one wears shoes and they can pad around and play. It is designed like a sea cave with fish and mermaids painted all over the walls and really cool displays and bubbles.

Nolan was stunned when we first got there. He gripped tightly to me for the first 10 minutes. It was a lot to take in- there were kids yelling and running around and it looked and felt like we were dropped off in Wonderland- bright colors everywhere. This was his expression when we first got there. Just sat and looked...
After about 10 minutes he crawled to the bubbles (no surprise) and hung very closely to me. Then something really cool happened. Everyone left and it was just Nolan and I in the room. And Nolan really seemed to have fun then.

He enjoyed the slide most. I'm not sure if it was because he could see his reflection or because it was slippery but while he didn't love going down it on his bottom, he loved trying to climb up it. After several minutes of watching him do this I remembered the camera...



  1. oh man, poor kid just wants to make it to the top! Such a big boy!