Monday, January 10, 2011

Thomas in the Tunnel

Nolan is a clown. He's been playing with toys so funnily lately I just can't stand it. Between him crawling on the balls and making the blocks cover his nose he's just a riot and really making me laugh. Today however was the hardest I laughed in a while and unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me. Nolan pushed Thomas the Train over the the tunnel and tried to push it through. The funny part is that when he pushes on his knees, his head does not clear the tunnel. So after helping Nolan line Thomas up at the edge of the tunnel, Nolan starts pushing him through but can't get his head into the tunnel. So he gets he head just into the tunnel (I'm through the other side pulling the train through the tunnel) and as he moves through the tunnel he's bumping his head on every rib of the tunnel.
He was having a blast and was so proud of himself for doing this chore that he created himself. He was laughing that Thomas is going through the tunnel. And although his head was very red from all the bumps and rubbing he was quite proud of himself for going all the way through with Thomas.

I hope he does it again when a camera is close by but if not, wow, it was worth the memory. What a clown this kid is!

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