Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Angel?

Yesterday was a very strange day. Nothing in particular was especially awful but a series of things that made it feel heavy beginning with breakfast. At breakfast Nolan was a jerk. I know, you probably think 'how could this angel be a jerk?'
But he was. And he has been a lot lately in the high chair. I wouldn't call him a picky eater because he has a range of foods he likes, but I would call him a particular eater. Meaning some days I have some food ready for him and he wants nothing (and I mean NOTHING) to do with it. His little 'All Done' arms are flailing everywhere and he's motioning for cheerios. Some days he doesn't want to feed himself with his fingers and other days he completely rejects the spoon and demands to feed himself. Some days he devours blueberries, and the rest of the week he 'All Done' rejects them at every offering. But there have thankfully been some constants (cereal with prunes and tofu) that we consider old faithfuls. Until yesterday...

Yesterday this angel rejected the cereal. I thought he must be kidding so I kept trying but no, he REALLY wanted nothing to do with it. And as I was trying to encourage him to eat I dropped the stinking bowl which broke into pieces and resulted in purple/brown mush splattered all over the cupboards. If I didn't get a massage the night before I am pretty sure I would have just sat down and bawled and then yelled at Nolan and stomped my feet and bawled some more. Instead I stomped my foot and left the room for a moment to collect myself, returned and cleaned up and gave the monster (oh, I mean angel) a bottle and put him to bed.

When he woke up at normal time, he took a bath and we began to play and he was cranky. CRANKY with a capital C. I mean really whiny. Just unhappy about everything (which is too bad because he looked so cute in his new moose fleece). He didn't want to play with toys, he didn't want to read books, he just whined and made a fake whiny/pouty face. I though to myself 'this is going to be a really long day'. Soon he made some 'I'm tired' signs. He ate some lunch (I confiscated the cheerios) and went to bed again. He woke up an hour later- half of a normal nap which is a bad sign. This kid needed a good nap. sigh

I put on my happy face and went to get him. And then we did something we don't ever really do anymore. We read books. He didn't try to eat them, he just turned the pages quietly. Quietly. He didn't wiggle in my lap, he didn't whine. In fact, he didn't make a peep. His mouth was closed, he was a calm baby who, FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR, was content sitting on my lap calmly reading books. It was the weirdest thing. When he was done with a book he'd clap his hands (indicating 'more') for another book. Some books he clapped before we got to page 3 but it was amazing. And weird.

So, for a really strange day, it ended with him laughing (presumably from exhaustion) hysterically at just about anything I did- playing with the puppet, kissing his hand, etc. All in all, the day rated about a 2 by 8am and a solid 8 by bedtime. What a really strange and wonderful day.

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