Sunday, January 30, 2011


Nolan has been VERY snuggley lately. Perhaps because he's tired- waking earlier than normal and struggling through naps. The kid had such a hard time falling asleep today even after some rocking and singing. Poor thing. I'm not sure he's snuggling more because he's tired or if this snuggle phase is finally moving to people but whatever it is, it is really sweet. I just wish he'd go back to sleeping past 5:30am and would fall asleep more quickly during naps. He's certainly tired.
He seems a lot more aware of things lately. Maybe that's what is causing him to have a hard time sleeping. Or maybe it's 'teething'. The when-your-child-acts-weird-and-you-can't-figure-out-why excuse. (notice only one sock? Yeah, I don't like this phase either. I hope the pull-my-socks-off phase ends soon)

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