Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dave has been working crazy hours and while it's been a good week, we really miss him when he's not home. So what a fun surprise to learn his office was closed today! Unfortunately he spent about 3 hours clearing the driveway but it was clear Nolan missed his Dad because for about 15 minutes (yes, FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES) Nolan sat on his Dad's lap just watching the snow. Not fidgeting, not squirming, just sitting enjoying his Dad (and puffs container). Please notice the amount of snow on the table outside. Yeah, we got dumped on. The drift at the end of the driveway is taller than Dave. The snow on the deck is almost as tall as Nolan.
This was actually his first venture outside during the snow. He seemed to be interested in it until he realized he was cold.
But for a short time, he had a blast outside. I love this picture.

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  1. Whoa! Snow! You can't imagine how hot and sticky and sweaty and gross it is here...