Sunday, January 16, 2011

Falling Down on the Job

I confess I haven't taken many photos of our little pal lately and I have no idea why. He is so fun right now, perhaps I'm having too much fun explaining how toys work and showing him how to play with them. What's neat is when he goes over to a toy and starts playing with it the way it was intended to be played! SO COOL. He is still mouthing everything but is really enjoying his toys and is really proud when he makes them 'go'. But what that also means is he gets frustrated when he can't make something 'go' the way he wants. Today he was playing with his kitchen and couldn't get the oven to open. He could close it but really struggled with opening it which made him very frustrated. I hope tomorrow he goes back and gives it another try. Sometimes you just have to sleep on it to get a better understanding.

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