Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from our little chicken he knows how cute/silly he looks in this

with a red nose...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you?

Nolan likes his new chair. He sits in it to watch the football game


but sometimes it feels like someone is watching him

don't distract me Elmo! Go Irish

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just. Wanna. Play.

This morning when Mr. Nolan woke up from his nap I entered his room to find him playing with a toy! We don't put toys in his crib but he clearly just wanted to play. He seemed perfectly content playing with his penguin friend like this. In fact that's more action that the penguin has seen when Nolan is out of the crib.

What a little monkey.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another First...

Nolan got his first prescription filled today. Our poor little fellow has some infected ears. Oh our poor guy. He also has round two of a cold, or maybe it's a second wind of round one. But he's been having a tough time.we're back to suctioning his nose which he really doesn't like and we gave up on lifting one side of the mattress. Also he's getting the bright pink medicine that is kept in the fridge and smells like bubble gum- oh it brings back memories of my annual bouts of strep... ahhh...
All in all he's doing ok. His tummy issues seemed to be improving and hopefully he will resume drinking his whole bottle. He should feel better tomorrow if that pink stuff works like I remember. The doctor assured me his upset gut wasn't from what he is eating so he's back to veggie medley with chicken and puffs (two things I worried was bothering the tummy).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Puppy!

There has been a puppy roaming around our house... he smells very clean, doesn't shed, makes lots of noise... but is as cute as a button.

OH! That's just Nolan fresh from the tub!

Did I fool you???

Saturday, October 23, 2010


So a funny thing happened this week at bathtime.
Nolan got in like normal and chose which friends he was going to invite into the tub...

He was playing and splashing like a regular goof
Then he tried to put the tub in his mouth- a new but expected activity since everything goes into his mouth

And then...

He pulled himself to standing. Yes, the first time he did this on his own- in the slipperiest surface of our house. awesome.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Routine Shift?

NOOOOO!!!! Please don't stray from this routine, Nolan. I love love love it. I feel like such a great mom when we're awake and together and when you fall asleep I NEED the break. This routine works so well with your eating and with our activities.... oh man, please don't change too much.
So Nolan takes 3 naps on most days, at 8am, 12:30 and 4:30 after each of his meals. It's perfect because he eats and has a bottle and then gets drowsy and I put him in his crib. The first two naps are about 2 hours long. Yes. Two hours.

Lately it's been taking Nolan about 1 hour to fall asleep in the morning. And since I wake him at 10 I worry he's not getting enough sleep. The trouble is, he's TIRED. I mean he is so tired after his meal he burrows into my chest, arm, chair, whatever he can. But then I put him down and he rolls around whining. So I ask you readers--- what should I do? Do I let him roll around for an hour? Or do I get him and play for a bit and then put him to sleep again when he's tired and let him sleep all day... oh I just don't know.

So today I'm trying something new. He ate at 8, then rolled around for about 15 minutes. I picked him up, changed his diaper and soaking wet shirt, read a few books and then put him back down. I'll wake him at 10:30. I guess I'll feed him at 12 (or maybe 12:30) and hopefully he'll go to sleep around 1. I will wake him at 2 for our moms-meet-up. And then feed him again at 4 and hopefully he'll take a nap.

Darn it. I loved our routine while it lasted. I'd say the hardest part of each day is not knowing what the day will be like. And these past few months have been WONDERFUL since I could generally count on his nap routine... I guess this little boy is growing up... check out those 4 top teeth!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the Move and Into Trouble

Already! Oh yikes, our poor plant took a haircut today after Nolan grabbed a branch and pulled it off AFTER CRAWLING TO IT. Perhaps the plant needs more water to handle that kind of abuse... but it lost a limb today... poor plant.
So this little guy needs to learn that our barricades (yes, that is a make-your-own-wine package- we REALLY need to babyproof) are to prevent him from getting into things. Or maybe we need to learn to REALLY babyproof...
aaahhh... many of our plants are in poor shape anyway...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Master of the Puff

Today Nolan put 5 puffs directly into his mouth. Five puffs in a row. And he did not choke on any them. It's funny- he picks it up off his tray with his whole fist. He then moves his fist upright and then opens it (to check to see if he picked it up?) then he moves it toward his mouth. Today, all five went directly into his mouth. None got stuck on his palm, face, head, eyelid, etc. When we cheered for him he looked so proud of himself.
Maybe he was practicing in his sleep. He's now the Master of the Puff.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snot-Nosed Kid

Despite my lack of information in my blogs lately, there has been a whole lot going on in our household.

Dave is finally back on a normal working schedule which allows for me to have some downtime and Nolan to have some Daddy Time.
Nolan has been growing much more hair and has begun to pull on it.

Nolan now has 6 teeth, 4 uppers and 2 lowers.

Nolan had a runny nose all week... poor guy. What this means is each time we change his diaper we squirt saline in his nose then let it sit for as long as we/he can take it, then we suction it out. He really hates this. So he gave his cold to me... I felt awful this morning. Thank you sweetie.
He is now technically crawling, we decided October 13th is the official date he 'started'. He's getting around and into things which means we have begun the kid-proofing our house. Luckily we have a niece and two nephews so we know what they got into or got hurt on. Unfortunately that means some of our furniture needs to be removed too- one we call 'Kaye's table' because it fell on her and she had a mark that lasted for about 6 months. Oh and it took me 3 hours (damn those instructions that aren't quite accurate) to install the gate at the top of the stairs.
Nolan has a new carseat in both of our cars. He seems to like the one in mine. He hasn't taken a cruise yet in Dave's.

He's been more successful at getting the puffs in his mouth... although he still gets them stuck in unfortunate locations. Like his eyelashes...

I'll try to be better at news. Oh and now I deem Fridays to be 'Video Friday' and I'll post a video each Friday.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Slowly getting the hang of it

So Nolan is slowly getting the hang of eating and crawling. These seem to go hand in hand. I need to get some better video of him schooching/crawling but every day he gets more and more efficient at it. Yesterday he got into the newspaper (and ate it) and really loves to chew on shoes- gross.

But the eating is getting better. Unfortunately he's eating bananas (slippery little suckers) and puffs (sticky little suckers). Occasionally he'll get the food into his mouth and has finally figured out what to do with it when it gets into his mouth. But here is video from last week when he was still learning that...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What we are feeding the little monster

So Nolan is 7 months old. He has been eating mush since for about 3 months now. I make most of the food Nolan eats (except, of course what he drinks in his bottle and when we are out and about/traveling).

For Breakfast at 7:30 he has mush cereal mixed with prune juice or formula or a little of both and two ice cubes of fruit- either apples or pears. (he really enjoyed peaches but they are past their prime now) and 8 oz of formula

For Lunch at noon and Dinner at 4pm he has a veggie medley with chicken, plus fruit and 8 oz of formula. Currently he is enjoying a medley of pureed carrots, cauliflower and chicken. Previously he enjoyed spinach, peas, cauliflower and chicken. His fruit is either pears or apples. Apples and pears are TOTALLY in season and local farms are sending their apples to the grocery so we've been enjoying the apples. But pears are at ridiculously low prices .98/lb so we've been doing lots of those too.

And then at bedtime he gets 8 ounces of formula.

The kid really loves to eat. And what I really love is making the food for him. It was a little boring in the beginning when he was trying new things and eating a single new food only. When I was a little stuck at what new food to try next I started blending veggies together or making his meals complex. Hopefully that will liven his palate...
And seriously, making food is totally easy and really affordable. This week carrots were 2 lbs for $1. A dollar! So I peeled and cut the carrots, boiled them until they were mushy (20 minutes) and then threw them into a blender. Two pounds of carrots will probably contribute to 2 weeks of veggie medley. Factor in the head of cauliflower that cost probably $2 and made 40 ice cubes worth and it is so worth the small effort it takes.

Here's the thing, I totally thought it would be SO much harder to make babyfood. Please allow me to make a recommendation- skip the ice cube trays. Buy some small 1 cup gladware or some silicone cupcake trays (both can be used post babyfood making). For example: Nolan eats 2 cubes of fruit each morning plus one or two at lunch and dinner. So even though I froze them in cubes, I end up defrosting 4-6 of them each day in tupperware anyway.

We've tried broccoli, spinach, peas, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, apples, pears, peaches, cantaloupe and lentils (don't try this- it's gross). Considering his weight, I don't think we'll introduce complex carbs to Nolan anytime soon (pasta, rice, etc). Hopefully next will be yogurt/dairy and/or eggs but still another month before we should do that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not Exactly as Planned...

The doctor suggested we put a pillow under one end of Nolan's mattress to help with his post-nasal drip and to help him feel better. I don't think this was what they intended...

Yes, his feet are elevated, head is down below...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Day for the Little Guy

Nolan had QUITE an exciting day yesterday! I discovered a new tooth (that totals 5), he crawled/shimmied/moved from point A to point B, and he got a cold. And I mean a leaky nose congestion, coughy cold. No fever, just a little virus. So Nolan has been on a great routine which makes life easy to plan around but with him being sick, do I wake him up from a nap if it's been long enough? What if he's crying because he can't get to sleep, do I go in and snuggle with him until he falls asleep? My game is totally thrown off by this cold. He HATES having his nose suctioned and I won't even attempt the saline nose drops without backup. Poor guy. So we are just laying low. When he's awake, he's still a maniac with small (10 seconds) bouts of downtime.

It's interesting-because he doesn't go to daycare his exposure to kids and germs is much more limited. But when you factor in that EVERYTHING (shoes, swings, instruments at music class, arms of chairs) goes in his mouth, he certainly has significant exposure. People say all babies put things in their mouths. I look around at other babies and they don't mouth things as much as Nolan does. It's crazy. But he is not into the pacifier (I tried it again last night).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Weekend

This weekend was a good one! Dave had to work both days so I was really worried about how it would go. We got a babysitter on Saturday morning so I could run a 5k (and I ran the whole thing- yay!). Saturday afternoon Aunt Judy came to visit. What a fun treat that was. Nolan had a great time with her, so did I. AND Dave came home around 8pm informing me he didn't have to work on Sunday! YAY!
On Sunday we didn't do anything very exciting but it was really nice. I felt like I could get a lot done and there was some couch-laying also. What a lovely weekend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little bit of Seriousness

I don't know how public the story is in the rest of the country but here in CT the Cheshire Home Invasion story has been a terrifying example of the scary world we live in. It has been on the front page of the newspaper everyday for the past few weeks- every day, because one of the villans is on trial. The daily story is like a car crash, I look at the paper determined to not read it but I find myself halfway through the article before I stop myself from reading any more of the awful details of this story. I try to not learn the details because I am too scared. My imagination haunts me worse than any of the real details- oh, and the details are in the paper and the ones that snuck through my self censoring are horrible. A home invasion has become one of my most terrifying fears because of this event.

One of the evil men on trial was found guilty of 16 of the 17 charges, it was determined he did not 'light' the fire. We will learn in weeks if he will be sentenced to death or life in prison. I don't know how I feel about any of this (actually I do but don't want to start a political debate about it) but I hope Dr Petit feels some sort of acceptance- is that the right word? Validation, Justice, Relief?

And while this is incredibly selfish and quite insensitive to say, I hope this story goes away and I don't have to think about it again. It is so terrifying it's too hard to comprehend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blast from the Past

When Dave and I went to the Dominican Republic there was a group of entertainers, uncomfortably called the "Chocolate Friends". They were very friendly, had silly nicknames and a great silly dance and song. But when they wanted to get people's attention they would say 'ok, no more blah blah blah'. Dave and I often still use that phrase because it was so funny (I guess you had to be there).

This makes me think of the Chocolate Friends... no more blah blah blah...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Night Flying Solo

Last night was the first night of a stretch of a week that I am flying solo. Dave has to work late every 4 months so that means Mommy cooks dinner, eats dinner and does bedtime without Daddy. So last night when I was cooking dinner this kook was doing this:

A few things to point out to make this funnier...
1- notice the puddle of drool under his chin
2- notice he is jumping... this is not a jumper toy.
3- pay close attention to the sounds he makes at the very end. This is his new sound. It is hilarious. He does it a lot.

Monday, October 4, 2010

We Survived The Corn Maze

Yesterday Nolan and I tagged along with Margeaux and her parents and Great Cousin to Lyman Orchards to take walk through the Corn Maze. Surprisingly we didn't get too lost (like when Dave and I did the Sunflower Maze last year) and it was a lovely day spent. Although the little guy was super tired by the time we left, hence the drowsy photos...
May I please point out how huge this kid is??? I can't even adjust his socks when he's in the Bjorn any more. He is growing at such a rapid pace. Oh and going up and down stairs with the 20 lb kid strapped to yourself is a bit of a challenge. When will he start walking? For my backs sake, please Nolan, skip crawling and just start walking (I know I will regret thinking this when he begins walking...)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One of those lovely Autumn Days

Today is one of those days you want to stay home and cook a soup. The air is crisp and slightly overcast. It's not dreary but not sunny. It is one of those days you start thinking of the brown clothes and the sweaters. It is one of those days where it is ok to stay home and snuggle in. I love these days.

The little monster is still not crawling, just doing the worm a bit. The rugburn on his face is getting worse so we're trying to treat that which means his face is shiny and goopy.

We have plans to go to Lyman Orchards today with Jenn, Ryan and Margeaux! Hopefully our timing works to do that together! That's the thing with kids, you just never know how plans will pan out!

Here's Nolan getting a cooking lesson.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nolan's First Fear

Last week Dave and I went to library class together with Nolan. And after class the babies all play and explore toys together. Suddenly Nolan started freaking out- crying and panicking like he was afraid of something and he was staring at the corner. We have never really seen him cry like that but it was definitely panic. We realized Nolan was looking at a stuffed this:

When Dave got up to move closer to Clifford the Big Red Dog Nolan started panicking even more and tried to crawl out of Dave's arms. So Dave moved away from Clifford and Nolan settled back down again. I picked Clifford up and petted him and brought him closer and Nolan panicked again. Very Interesting.

Fast-forward to yesterday at a different library there was a Clifford the Big Red Dog puppet. He played with it for a short time before he suddenly got panicky again and tried to get away from the puppet. I tried to get him to realize there was nothing to be afraid of but he was too scared.

Then today at the original frightful location Nolan spied Clifford again and acted agitated but not as panicky. Clifford was about 20 feet away on a shelf in the corner. Nolan was staring at him and watching him closely and wasn't enjoying the class or the songs. So I moved Clifford from sight and Nolan was fine again. We were playing with other toys after class when the instructor started cleaning up and apparently put Clifford back on the shelf where he belonged when Nolan stopped what he was doing and just stared over at the corner again, very cautious. I didn't realize what was going on and wondered what Nolan was staring at until I realized what the instructor did.

I don't know if it's the color red or the big eyes but there is totally something about Clifford that Nolan does NOT like. So I think we'll need to get a book about Clifford to see if we can help Nolan get over this fear. Poor little weirdo.

Whoops- I forgot about Nolan's FIRST fear. I blogged about it several months ago. Five points goes to the first person who writes what it was in the comments section.