Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did he really grow that much?

A few days ago, when it was cooler, I discovered this little munchkin playing happily on the dining room floor. A few days later I found this GIANT playing on his bedroom floor. How in the world is it possible for a kid to grow THAT quickly? It's unbelievable to me?
Dear Phill- thank you so much for my long distance shirts! I know my Mom misses working with you but she knows you are having fun and leaving your mark on Australia. Keep at it. You are really sweet to send me clothes from Oz. Thank you for being my friend (and for the loot), Nolan

Monday, August 30, 2010

Things are happening so quickly!

Last week while I was updating the blog, many things happened...
Nolan slept in real pajamas.. (yes, it says 'the monster is loose' and the pants have monsters driving monster trucks- seriously, how clever is that?).

He wore jeans, we had a short period where the weather was cool. we think he should wear a darker wash to lengthen his legs...

Nolan became a carnivoire- chicken puree- gross.

Nolan got two blisters on his feet from playing hard in the jumparoo... his first sports injury

Nolan went to the playground...

He has discovered his shadow (and is perplexed)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vacation Blog #6- Family Bed

The whole vacation there were willing and ready arms to hold Nolan, it was a true vacation for us. In New Hampshire we stayed at Dave's family cabin. So when Nolan woke up around 6 or 6:30 (when we would normally bring him into our bed to snuggle and play) we had several beds to plop Nolan. The first morning Dave walked across the hall to bring Nolan into Nana and Grampa's bed and he heard from Auntie Sus and Uncle Geoff's bed- 'I'll take him!'. It was SUCH a treat to have that extra sleeping time. The first day I fell right back asleep and also slept through Nolan's first nap back in our room and woke up at 10 when Nolan was waking from his first nap. WOW. So luxurious!

So each morning Nolan was brought to what I called the 'Family Bed' because all the Mattatalls except for Uncle Jim congregated onto one bed to play with Nolan. He loved it (so did I).

Too bad Dave requested not to have the 'family bed' photos put on the blog because they are cute. But not very flattering. This is an adorable photo though!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacation Blog #5- Two Teeth

The week before our vacation Nolan got two teeth, within two days from each other. He handled it really well and was just a little clingier and a little more needy but overall he was like normal- a happy little kiddo. It was so exciting to say to all the family we saw, 'have you seen Nolan's teeth?' and then wrangle him to show off his new teeth.

I have had several weak attempts to get some photos of his teeth but one day after he ate he seemed to be showing them off so I tried some photos.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation Blog #4- On the Beach- New Hampshire

I have SO many photos of Nolan on the beach in New Hampshire. Dave grew up spending much of his summers in New Hampshire on this very beach. The people who come daily to the beach are people Dave considers his extended family. So when Nolan came to the beach it was like a celebrity sighting! He's a great swimmer which makes this especially fun! Nolan's first swimming lesson, how to blow bubbles. He was more interested in Grampy's hair while Daddy and Uncle Geoff observed.
While you can't see Nolan, he is the one all of the people are looking at. It was like a celebrity sighting, people just mulling around trying to get a glimpse of the little guy. He sat on the water's edge and played (read: tried to eat) sand.

Right after this photo was taken, Grampa started squirting Nolan with that toy in his hand. Nolan didn't mind the squirting but was more interested in getting the orange cup into his mouth. It took a while to also convince the family that the squirty toy was a whale, not a shark. But we all have things we need to work on: Dad- animals (no that giraffe is not a horsey); Mom- colors (no, that is not green, it's blue).

And nothing says vacation like a post-swim snooze.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation Blog #3- Trio of Diaper Disasters

Disclaimer: if you do not like poop stories, click away immediately...
This time, last week began our 'trio of diaper disasters' at restaurants. Yes, AT restaurants. The first was Bertucci's on the 4 hour trip from the Cape to New Hampshire. We stopped, changed the little guy, fed him and then fed ourselves. Suddenly we hear the sound... you know, the grunting sound to indicate someone is pooping. It's not me or Dave. So armed with the not-well-stocked diaper bag we head to the bathroom. Not until I put my hand into the leg of a pair of shorts did I realize it was a blowout... 'ugh,' I said, 'you are disgusting, Nolan'. Of course, then I realize I don't have another onesie to put back on him. Gross. So we head back to the table and make a swift exit to the car to change him. Look how proud he is of himself...

The other two disasters we do not have pictures of. Thank goodness. But the next night, while eating at a really lovely inn, the second one occurred. This one involved the grunting noises too but also involved dripping poo onto Dave's leg and the restaurant rug on the way to the bathroom to change him but instead dashing outside and stripping him of all his gross nasty clothes al fresco only to realize, once again, the diaper bag was not well stocked. So he sat in a diaper and zip up hoodie.

The third disaster occurred prior to entering the restaurant two days later. The grunting noises began in the car and changing his nasty-ness in the trunk of my car. Thank goodness we began packing the car already because ONCE AGAIN the diaper bag did not have a change of clothes. Now that Nolan is rolling, trunk changing has more of a challenge. But thankfully Dave was there to assist.

Thank goodness this kid is so cute because he is pretty disgusting. And we now have two onesies in his diaper bag and will forever...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Blog #2- Charming the Canadians

Nolan was a hoot on vacation. He was really great despite the crowds. Only a few times did the uproar of voices scare him. He was passed from family member to family member. Nolan took the place of Great Aunt Cecile's Camomile Tea...
... and Great Uncle Mike's guitar

He even got Second Cousin Reilly to give him some food

and was mesmerized by Second Cousin Sara

with Sofie the Giraffe, Nolan could handle any situation and fit in with the crowd perfectly, especially with his Red Sox hat!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation-Blog #1- Meeting Grandie

Our vacation last week was a family reunion of 28 people for half of the week on the Cape and then half a week in New Hampshire with the other side of the family (6 people plus friends). It was a real treat to have so many people around and Nolan was a happy little boy for most of it!

My Gram lives in Toronto so a visit from her is a true delight but unfortunately is more infrequent than I wish. I was thrilled she got to meet Nolan at such a fun age! And I am thrilled Nolan got to meet his Grandie. Here they are sizing each other up...

They had a ball together!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update, no photo

Blogging from vacation! Although we are heading back very soon so please don't rob our house...

This week Dave, Nolan and I packed up and headed off to see loads of family! We spent the first leg of our vacation on the Cape with my Mom's side of the family reunion. There were 12 from Canada and 12 from the States plus the 4 grandkiddos all gathered (yes, 28 people total). We had many firsts- meeting Grandie (Great Gram), meeting all sorts of 2nd cousins, Great Aunts and Uncles, hitting the beach, seeing the ocean and a seagull, being startled by noises, etc. Nolan was the same old ham he normally is, a happy baby with lots of smiles (and showing off his teeth!)

The second leg of the trip was to New Hampshire to see Nana and Grampa, Auntie Sus and Uncle Geoff as well as the New Hampshire Beach Crew. Dave grew up spending much of his summers in New Hampshire so many of these people are like his extended family. It was fun to show off Nolan and to bring him to the beach. He has some traditions to upkeep, like frog hunting in the brook and playing whiffle ball on the beach. This trip he sat at the waters edge and tried to eat sand. Once he got a fistfull in his mouth but otherwise was unsuccessful at those attempts. He went for a few swims and spent most of his beachtime in the water. He's really great with swimming. I also hit up the outlet stores and got some great stuff for Nolan! We haven't had to buy many clothes for him due to the outpouring of generosity via gifts and hand-me-downs. It was fun to shop for him! I can't wait for the whole family to put on our fleece pants and settle in for a football game!

I will have photos of this trip each day this week. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Our little boy now has TWO teeth showing up in his mouth. He has been a champ during this week and really hasn't been noticeably irritable. He has been sleepy a bit more and smacking his lips, which is really funny.
He has also been sleeping on his belly- though I'm not sure if that has anything to do with his teeth. He's actually been roaming around in his bed on his belly. Doing faceplants and turns and spins. These are the stages of a waking baby...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Teething... for sure

Even though I can't get a good picture of it, Nolan is FOR SURE teething. His gums are sharp! Yikes. He has been clicking his tounge and sleeping a lot which is all fine with me. In general he is still the same old goofball we know and love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From Side Sleeper to Belly Sleeper

When I went to check on Nolan this morning I found this (notice his feet):

Suddenly he's a side sleeper. He slept like that last night a little, but straightened himself out. This morning however, he slept and woke up like that. And the evening nap was a mess since he kept falling onto his belly and couldn't get himself comfortable. Although tonight, as I write this, the little boy is konked out on his belly.

I'm waiting for him to wake up and realize he doesn't like his position and try to roll over. He rolled when he was a few months old but doesn't really excel at it and hasn't done it in a while... oh boy. I wish he was back to side sleeping- it's much cuter and a lot less worrisome.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Five Months Old... and Teething(?)

Today Nolan is five months old. Wow. I remember meeting a baby who was five months old and thinking 'that's a little baby' but when I look at Nolan I can't see a little baby. I see a little boy who is growing so big and strong, who is learning to communicate and who Dave and I love so very much. Amazing.

How do I know if Nolan is teething? The kid has been drooling buckets for weeks now. He chews on anything he gets his hands on, including his body parts. Yesterday he was munching away on my finger and I noticed a little bump. Today I noticed a bump that kind of feels a little sharp. And he's been kind of cranky, not the content little baby we are used to. He's been a little 'high maintenence'. If I leave the room for a second he has a little meltdown (normally does this when he's tired). He's falling asleep in our arms really quickly but not in his crib very easily.

SO- the question is, do we bend the rules if the little guy is teething? Do we pick him up if he cries for 15 minutes?

I know lots of people out there read this blog--- please comment with any teething advice and share your thoughts on if we bend the rules?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready for the next tub?

This was Nolan at 1 month old, in the tub. He sat in a sling because he was too little (and his parents were too nervous) for sitting in the seat of his little mobile tub. He was a little peanut and didn't love taking a bath. We would put him in and get him out as quickly as we could. Soon he graduated to sitting in the sloped part of the tub. Then it got harder to clean his leg folds and get his arms out because he was taking up too much of the tub. Then we began sitting him up in the 'deep end' of the tub. But now he's begun to play and splash and kick his feet which sloshes the water out of the tub... and onto his carpet in his room.
Pretty soon we'll have to move to the big-boy tub. I suspect we'll end up doing that next week- my knees are not looking forward to that. But we'll be on vacation and won't be bringing his baby tub so we're forced into the transition. Otherwise I think I'd hold onto the baby tub for a while longer- Wow, growing so fast.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Wheels and Lid

After much research and deliberation, Nolan finally picked out a new ride. He totally digs this new set of wheels because he sits up like a big boy. The color goes nicely with his eyes and it's light and easy to pick up.
The weather has cooled off and we enjoyed a sub-90 degree walk today. He loved it in his finally-fits-him-'newborn-sized hat.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Big Overdue Thank You

On Friday my friend got married and Auntie Sus and Uncle Geoff came down to babysit. Nolan had a great time and was very curious about those long whiskers on Uncle Geoff's face (Daddy's are shorter).

Though he (and his parents) were even more curious how Auntie Sus could feed him so neatly. Nolan wondered if Mom and Dad could take some lessons or at least get some pointers from Auntie Sus about how to keep his face, neck, hands, arms and legs clean while eating in the chair.
Thank you so much Sus and Geoff for coming down and spending time with Nolan. And thank you for babysitting too! It was wonderful to see you and we can't wait to see you again soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All by himself!

Look at this little guy sitting up and playing all by himself. It's amazing, all of a sudden he can do this on his own. He's been lots of fun lately and we've been seeing his tounge a lot lately.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Finally, I got him with his toes in his mouth. It's hard because when he sees the camera he freezes up and stares at the camera. But I did catch him in the act. So funny!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What are these toe covers?

With it being cooler we've been putting socks on Nolan's feet. Even though he has socks on, he still puts his toes in his mouth. Although he seems a little confused at first. We imagine he says 'what are these toe covers?' But then continues to shove his toes in his mouth, sometimes aggressively with a little growl. It's hilarious.
He's also been flailing his left arm around. A few days ago, while playing on the mat, he grabbed his baseball rattle and started beating the blue elephant (picture Bam Bam from the Flintstones with his bat). It was pretty funny. The left arm definitely does some flailing.