Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am really going to miss this...

MY BELLY! I love my belly. Dave loves my belly. I love feeling my belly move and watching it move around. I love imagining what it looks like in there or what it's doing to make the belly move this way and that?

We talk to my belly, we poke my belly, we ask it questions hoping it will move to answer them- like 'are you a boy baby?' Or 'are you a girl baby?' I love laying down and just feeling it get comfy and cozy in it's new position. I love this belly so much I can't imagine what it is going to be like to meet the little person inside of my belly and begin loving that so many times more than I love my belly.

BUT... I'm going to miss my belly. I'm going to miss having this little special time with the baby. I'm going to miss Dave's hand on my belly (because it's not welcome there after the baby is born). I'm going to miss this belly.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a great weekend!

Wow, from a last chance trip to Babies R Us where I 'completed my registry' and dinner with Jenn on Friday, taking care of business on Saturday, plus a UCONN Women's basketball game and dinner at Tapas (more on that later) and today, brunch with Jenn, Cathy and Jenna- I am filled with love and happiness (and food).

On Saturday Dave and I took care of so much work. We cleaned the house, washed the final baby stuff, took things out of packages, plugged things in and finished setting up our house for this baby. We also had dinner at Tapas, a great, though unfortunately very baby-unfriendly restaurant. The place is loud, crowded and just not where you can bring a baby in a carrier and sit it on a chair. We enjoy this place a lot but it won't be a place we go out on our 'date nights' when we have a baby sitter. It's not that kind of place. I suspect we'll order take out from it though!

My sorry attempts to stalk to police officer to inspect our car seats have ended. I give up. I'm so utterly disappointed (yes, some tears were shed) but we did find that a store called USA Baby will inspect them for $15 each (free if you bought the car seat there). So we have an appointment Tuesday to get that done. THEN we're ready to have this kid.

I'm feeling really well. My hand is still bothering me (very swollen, achy and stiff) but other than that I feel fine. Next doctors appointment is tomorrow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

15 days?! oh my god, how did that happen?

Seriously. It just occurred to me that I am due to give birth in 15 days. That feels really soon. When you say "March 5th" it sounds far away. Today is the 18th, March 5th is next month, there's plenty of time. NO THERE ISN'T PEOPLE!

Februrary is a short month! Do you know what that means? That means I am due two weeks from tomorrow. Two weeks!

I fell into a panic today. There are two last things I need to wrap up before I give birth and they seem to be non pressing issues until today. I got one taken care of and the final one is to get the car seats inspected. So yes, I am practically stalking the officer in our town who does it. I know her work schedule, I know the best way to make this happen- call during her work hours and ask for dispatch to have her meet me somewhere to inspect them. I also know a nearby town's officer's schedule in case I go into labor and this is still lingering. Before I take a shower and shave my legs, I'm driving to the police station and making sure that seat gets inspected for safe and secure installation. Then I'll go home and shave. And eat something. And find the uno cards that have yet to make it into my hospital bag... and then head to the hospital...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Packed Bags

My bags are packed. The doctors have been telling me for two weeks now I should pack. I'm not sure what to pack so I didn't do it. After asking lots of questions I've got a packed bag. It includes some tshirts, pants, a fleece, socks, undies, a book, some paperwork and toiletries. I have a list on top of the bag which includes: camera and charger, cell phone and charger.

We discussed if we wanted to bring the baby home in something special or if we wanted to not fuss over it. We decided on not fussing about it. This is what we have packed for the little one:

A footed outfit, a non-footed outfit, some socks, a sweater and 4, yes four, hats. We've got the 'It's a boy' and 'It's a girl' hat. Also the Notre Dame hat and a knit/winter hat that matches the sweater. The car seat carrier has a little sack, like a sleeping bag, that buckles into it so we don't need to have a coat to bring it home in.

In my opinion there is only one more thing for us to do- have the carseat checked by an inspector. I'm pretty sure mine is in right, but not sure about Dave's.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lightening Fast

On the list of things we want to do before we have a baby was to get a new computer. Ours was old and slow and annoying at times. It occasionally would freeze up and we'd have to power down and power back up again. It didn't have enough memory to handle some of the things other devices that hook into the computer should do (like download a movie onto my ipod).

So in typical fashion, after we got our taxes done we swung by Best Buy for a new computer (last year it was a new camera after taxes). We walk in, tell the computer guy we want to buy a computer and 20 minutes later we have this lightening fast, shiny new computer.

I suspect computers are like sneakers. And many other things. You don't realize how bad/old yours was until you get a new one and it works amazingly better. The photos on this computer are amazing! The screen is so sharp. It's SO Fast and it doesn't sound like a helicopter setting up for lift off. Nope, it makes normal computer sounds.

Yay us! Yay for fun new stuff!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a moron

ok. So I am not 37.5 weeks pregnant. Sorry, I thought I was 36.5 weeks pregnant but turns out the time flies! I'm actually begin my 37th week tomorrow. Meaning I finish my 36th week tonight.

While this sounds like a silly thing, it's actually kind of complicated to figure out how many weeks pregnant you are. You count everything based on the week you are starting, but really you aren't that pregnant. Not until you finish that week are you 'that' many weeks pregnant. So when you read the books you read things like, 'in week 30 your baby will grow to the size of a pot roast' but really it won't be a pot roast until 7 days from when you are reading that page.

The doctor has quizzed me on this and have been impressed that I have the right answer. It took Dave weeks of calm explaining but I finally got it figured out. It's not that I miscounted when I wrote that in my past blog, its just that I was lazy and not really thinking about it.

Ah well. My apologies. Due date is March 5, 3 weeks from tomorrow. YIKES!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I've been a slacker- here's my update- 37.5 weeks

It's been a while since I blogged. I'm sorry. I've been busy doing things but nothing all that story worthy. After the shower Dave and I had a blast finding homes for things. We also picked up numerous items from our little friend Luke who is loaning us TONS of stuff. So we have the car seats installed, the stroller figured out, the bassinet put together (isn't it beautiful?), diapers bought, clothes washed.
I'm feeling great. If I could feel my fingertips and make a fist with my right hand I'd be feeling better. If heartburn wasn't a part of my night- every night (except for last night- REJOICE!) I would be feeling fabulous! The pelvic pressure has either subsided or I'm getting used to it. I feel overall really good. And all I can truly complain about is my hand and my heartburn- seriously, I have it good. Oh, well, and my left foot seems tired of holding me up and sometimes if feels like my arch has broken. But little things...

Here are some photos of me at 37.5 weeks. Baby is moving happily around and there feels like there is still room to grow. I MIGHT have had my first Braxton Hicks contraction a few days ago. That was very exciting- one of those moments which reminded me- wow, this could happen at any time now!
Tonight it occurred to me that we'll have a baby in our house... ALL the time! That's a lot! It all feels surreal again - conceptually I get it but what exactly does that mean? What will our lives be like? It's SO exciting! I can wait, but am super excited for the day this wee one decides to join our family.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Showered with Love

My shower was this weekend. Or am I supposed to say the baby's shower was this weekend? It was thrown by the Grandmas with Jenna and Jill working on the local and smaller details. It was really perfect and exactly what I was hoping for.

The most interesting part of the shower was how emotional I was during the whole thing. I think I kept it together for the most part but whenever I stopped and looked around I was reminded how unbelievably lucky I am. I felt so loved and so confident as a soon-to-be mom. There were experienced Moms, there were experienced Grandmoms, there were soon-to-be Moms. There were friends from long ago and friends of very recent. But everyone was there to celebrate this little being created by Dave and I.

I had a whole little thank you speech to give but couldn't get through it. I got too choked up and too embarrassed to try to push my way through it. But if I could speak through my emotion, I would have said:

Thank you to the Grandmoms for hosting this shower and for all of the effort you made to make this day as perfect as possible. Thank you to Jenna and Jill for being the local organizers and taking care of the small details that made this day even more special. And thank you to everyone who has supported us during our pregnancy- through the ups and downs, through the advice and support, through the suggestions and the love. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. This is a lucky child to have you all as it's 'village'. And I am even luckier. Thank you.