Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What were they thinking?

I often look at some of the toys and books we have for Nolan and wonder how they got 'approved' to be children's toys. Some of his toys are these non-descript animals. Like - is that a bee? Or a Giraffe? Or is that a mouse or a dog or a bunny? Nolan has this great toy he loves and I do too, that has a little bell inside. It's orange with little ears. I have no idea what it is supposed to be so it's hard to refer to it. 'Oh Nolan, do you want your orange animal'? So, take this for example...
Starting with row with the dragon- so there is a dragon... then a frog with a mask and snorkel? what in the world? First of all, frogs don't need a snorkel... they live in water... that doesn't make any sense. But WHY?
Lately I've been looking a bit more closely at his books. One of his books has a bunch of words on each page and each page is themed. So here is one page...
Really? Food and drink has to include cookies, cupcakes, pizza and candies? And we wonder why our children are obese...

So then there is this page... I like this page a lot better. So does Nolan, especially the grapes. But what's up with the carrots? Carrots do NOT look like that. They are pointy at one end and have soft greens at the other. Not carrot sticks. that's weird. I mean, who decided to forgo the original carrot and photograph carrot STICKS instead?

The things my little brain ponders.

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  1. Hi,

    I can't believe I found your blog!! I am surprised...NO...I am outraged by this book for children! I have started a health coaching business and entering a Master program to become a Liscenced Counselor so I can coach pre-teens and teens to Wellness....and this is exactly WHY we have problems...How is pizza a food and that sandwich is huge on white bread, and I can't agree more about the carrot sticks???

    Anyway....I am happy that you are home taking care of that previous little boy.

    Those were treasured years in my life as well.

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