Friday, December 3, 2010

Video Friday: The push toy

Nolan is doing a lot of really fun things... of course, not for the camera. He mimics sounds- da da da and Moo. He claps on command- sometimes. He will show you where his belly is by lifting up his shirt- about 50% of the time. He began waving, to himself, today. He's standing everywhere and is very proud of himself. He has climbed some stairs with the help/spot of Daddy. He 'throws' a ball (well, actually a bath toy of a puffer fish) and chases after it then throws it again.

While this video is very short, he is using this toy a bit more than just a few steps, he can go about 10 feet, the width of the room with it, tongue hanging out the whole time. He is a big clown lately and tons of fun.

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