Friday, December 10, 2010

Video Friday: Hours of Fun

Well, ok, not really. But it seems like this is the activity Nolan has been spending most of his time with. At first I was worried about him throwing his toys. Then we gave him the puffer fish/ball. Suddenly it became ok. He does have quite a good arm. I'm sure he'll learn technique in a few months. Though I hear curveballs are forbidden until age 12 or something like that. Anyway, he plays fetch with mostly his small blocks, stacking cups and the puffer fish/ball. And he'll do this for a while before he gets bored of it. It's really fun to watch.

He's also babbling dadada and mamama but of course I can't get that on camera.


Grampa, Nolan asked me to wish you good wishes and he hopes your shoulder feels better soon!

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