Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Little Entertainer

After debating for a few days whether to blog about all/any the bad things that happened on this trip I am still undecided. I can not avoid writing about the trip though--- the wedding in Bodega Bay, CA was for Dave's friend Greg. It was a really wonderful wedding. The church was beautifully old, photographed by Ansel Adams. The ceremony was Filipino Catholic which included some beautiful customs. The reception was entertaining, lovely, sentimental and delicious, complete with a fantastic first dance (including all of the wedding party and two MCs)and a full roasted pig- YUM! Nolan, Dave and I donned our fancy clothes and put on our happy faces. The wedding was fun. Nolan was an entertainer, like always. He seriously turned on the charm. He looked absolutely adorable in his button down white shirt (mental note, do not feed sweet potatoes before dressing child in white shirt). He really loved chewing on my necklace which I had to remove after 5 minutes of wearing and was a good little boy for the reception.
Please note: Nolan's bloodshot eyes are not from a hangover, he just opted to not sleep which unfortunately the red-eye fixer on photoshop does not cure. This is his 'sexy' pose in his fancy clothes.

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