Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holy Moley

Wow, what a weekend. I am amazed- to look in the yard and not cringe at the amount of work we need to do to make it look better. To look in the kitchen and see it clean after 4 days of absolute utter disarray. To look at the to do list and see most of it checked off. Wow. I'm amazed.

The cookies came out great. I needed at least 4 dozen for a cookie exchange on Wednesday. I found a recipe I was excited about- Mexican Chocolate Cookies. I tripled the recipe which after looking more closely at would make 96 cookies and planned to give some to my neighbors (I do that every year). Except cooking the recipe NEVER makes what the recipe actually estimates. So instead I got 5.5 dozen. So I guess I'll be making more cookies in the upcoming weeks. Ah, such is life.
Also this weekend I realized that Nolan had no more food in the freezer I rolled my eyes and 'added on' to my long list to make food (3 lbs broccoli and 5 lbs pears- boiled and smushed, not together). I've been stumped what to do about a new protein. I was bored of pureed chicken so I'm sure he was. Anyway, in a pinch I asked Dave to get some tofu at the store. Whaddya know, the kid really likes it. I think he likes that he can feed it to himself. I cut it into cubes and he works to get it into his mouth. It's slippery, not like a puff but he's getting the hang of it. But it sure makes a mess on his tray and in his little hands.
Oh, and I forgot to mention- I tried to make turkey stock from the bird on Thursday (since I had a little extra time on my hands). It worked really great, tasted delicious and I was thrilled since (added to the list of to dos) we were going to make baked potato soup with our extra 10 lbs of potatoes when we bought 5 lbs. We made twice baked potatoes with half of the extras. So I go to add the turkey stock that was in the fridge to the crockpot and what comes out but this...
It's like turkey broth jelly. I don't know what happened to it but I added some water and the soup came out fine. Boy that looks wrong...

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  1. I want one of those great looking cookies and I will even eat the radioactive turkey stock blob just to have one.